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[RM2K3] [DYNRPG] Getting names of variables and switches

Has anybody managed to use the name functions for variables and switches in DynRPG v0.30+? I've gotten code to compile with them, but when it runs, I get memory access violations. Here's what I think it should look like:

message << " 1 ).s_str() == " << 1 ).s_str() << "\n";
message << "RPG::Switches::name( 1 ).s_str() == " << RPG::Switches::name( 1 ).s_str() << "\n";

It's a little weird, but the name function for the Variables class is a regular object function, while for the Switches class it's a static function, hence the different syntax. The bizarre thing is, I could almost swear that second one with the switches actually did work once after I figured out I needed to use s_str(), but on subsequent tries I got access violations again.

For reference:

Variables class
Switches class

EDIT: And just to eliminate a potential stumbling block, yes, this code is called after the game is up and running and there are variable and switch values populated, confirmed by checking RPG::system->variables.size and RPG::system->switches.size.

(Solved) [DYNRPG] Setting a skill's Death condition in DynRPG doesn't work?

This is a bit of a long shot, but I want to put it out there just in case I'm missing something. I'm working on a DynRPG plugin which takes values from .csv files and uses them to override values in a game's database. It's working fine for the most part, but I ran into an oddity while testing skill conditions. Changing the value for a skill's Death condition (whether the skill inflicts Death or not) doesn't seem to have any effect. I've tried it both ways, changing it from false to true and from true to false, and neither changes the skill's behavior. I finally tried the same with Poison, and that seems to work fine.

I'm guessing there's something special about the Death condition, especially since it's built-in to RM2K3 that the first condition always has to be Death, and there's more that needs to be changed than just the skill's condition flag to make it work. Does anybody have any insights on this? If not, I suppose I'll just put a note in the plugin documentation that the Death condition doesn't work as expected.

'Nother RPG Maker (and Visual Novel Maker) Humble Bundle

Just to make sure folk are aware, Humble Bundle is doing another RPG Maker bundle, which includes all the makers from 2000 to MV, Visual Novel Maker, and a bunch of extra tools and resources. Good way to get the latest makers for relatively cheap.

Free weekend for RPG Maker MV and Visual Novel Maker on Steam

I'm a little surprised nobody's mentioned this already. X) Steam is having a free weekend event (ends 1 day and 20 hours from me posting this) for RPG Maker MV and Visual Novel Maker. If you want to try out either of these engines, now's your chance. They are also on sale during this event (DEEP discount of 75% in RMMV's case) along with a bunch of DLC.

DynDataAccess utitility submitted to wrong engine, please fix

I just realized that I chose the wrong engine to associate the DynDataAccess plugin with. It should be RPG Tsukuru 2003, not RPG Maker 2003. I don't see a way to change it myself, so could I get an admin to fix that detail?

[DYNRPG] Bug: missing/wrong image

Here's a really weird bug I've encountered, which unfortunately I think may be a bug in DynRPG itself. I've been trying to incorporate my DynWardrobe plugin into my game project, and I got an error message saying "Access violation in module 'DynWardrobe.dll' in with address 680478B4 and offset 00000000 of type Read occured." I used message popups to trace where the error was happening, and found that it happened on an RPG::Image::draw function call when the Image pointer passed into the function as a source for drawing came from loading a file called Shield.png.

After spending quite a while examining the code for potential problems and getting info on everything I could think of using message popups, I finally tried using a different image file, just as an experiment. That worked just fine, so I tried saving a copy of the working image file as Shield.png and using that. That caused the error again. So I decided maybe the name of the file had something to do with it, and I tried renaming my backup of the original Shield.png to Shields.png and using that. Here's where it gets really weird -- the error doesn't show up, but now it's using the image data from Shield.png when it should be using Shields.png.

I suppose I could just leave both image files in there as a workaround, but it really disturbs me that this bug is in there. Has anybody encountered something like this before or have any ideas how to fix it? In case anyone wants to take a closer look, here's a link to my project in its current form, and the code for DynWardrobe is included in its main download. For testing, I'd suggest going to the M. Groups tab in the project database, selecting the FG_Battle monster group, and doing a Test Battle. If this is a bug in DynRPG, I suspect it has to do with RPG::Image::loadFromFile having difficulty with the file name.

High-variance roleplaying systems?

I'm probably putting my foot in my mouth as somebody with just enough knowledge about roleplaying systems to be dangerous, but here goes. I'm curious whether there are any notably popular roleplaying systems out there which employ a high degree of variance in their rolls (or similar outcome-deciding mechanics). I'm mainly interested in "tabletop"-style systems where the players are actually acting out roles and getting most of their fun from the social interaction as opposed to being focused on the gameplay mechanics, although it doesn't have to be strictly physical.

To explain a little more what I mean by high-variance, let me contrast it with what's typical (as far as I know). Lots of roleplaying systems, if I'm not mistaken, involve rolling multiple dice at once for a lot of outcome decisions. Multiple dice yields a bell-shaped probability distribution, making middle-of-the-road outcomes much more likely and extremely low or high outcomes vanishingly rare. That can be good if you want your outcomes to be largely predictable with just an occasional WOOHOO I LUCKED OUT or OH SHOOT THAT'S REALLY BAD moment.

What if you don't want that, though? Are there any systems out there anybody could name that embrace a much flatter probability distribution, where the chance of getting a really high or really low outcome is about the same (maybe even exactly the same) as any given outcome near the middle? If so, how do they harness the resulting unpredictability to be fun for all players involved?

Tangentially, does anybody know of any systems where players are given partial knowledge of the outcome before they have to decide what action they'll attempt? Say, you roll one die to see how well you start out, then decide what you'll do based on that and roll whatever else is needed to finish determining the outcome?

[DYNRPG] Wardrobe plugin?

I'm pondering my next big DynRPG plugin project, and as usual I want to make sure it hasn't been done already (or even a similar plugin, in case there's code I could use to make things easier for me). The idea is to make a plugin which allows additional sprites to be layered onto actors (aka heroes) in battle, controlled by what equipment they currently have. For example, you could have a sprite for a particular helmet, another for an armor, and even stuff for weapons, shields, and accessories if you wish, all thrown together at run-time so that you don't have to create sprites for every possible combination of equipment on each actor. Ideally I'll be trying to allow multiple layers both above and below the actor, so that developers can decide which sprites should appear to overlap which. I'll also hopefully enable adjustments according to specific actors and different animation stances, so that you can tailor things to accommodate differences in actors (height, gender, etc.) and occurrences (i.e. use a different helmet sprite while the actor's head is thrown back from taking a hit).

So, if anybody's seen anything bearing any similarity to this already in the world of DynRPG, please let me know so I can take a look at it. Also, if anybody has any ideas/requests for this plugin, feel free to speak up.

-SEMI-SOLVED- [DYNRPG] "Multiple definition of 'RPG::*'" error

I'm having trouble trying to implement a plugin involving multiple classes spread across multiple source files. The problem is, when I try to compile, I get the error message
multiple definition of 'RPG::Variables::name(int)'
and 49 other very similar errors. It would appear this is happening because several different header files have
#include "DynRPG/DynRPG.h"
in them, but I would have thought that the
#ifndef DYNRPG_H
compiler directive in DynRPG.h would protect it from being redefined. Trying to only use the #include "DynRPG/DynRPG.h" directive in one file doesn't seem to work very well either, as I get
error: 'RPG' has not been declared
in any files for which I try to use DynRPG stuff without having the #include. Has anybody else run into this before and figured out how to fix or work around it?

Plugin submission error

I'm trying to submit an RT2K3 plugin, and this error message pops up:

[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/rpgmaker/www/sites/'

Maybe there's still some trouble with the rt2k3 folder? -.-a
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