Final Fantasy VIII- The Sorceress War

Everytime I try to run this It says extract failed

I would recommend re-downloading the game.

World's Dawn

I, too, have a few bugs to report. (I'm not sure if they've been touched over in this thread, but 9 pages was an awful lot to flick through) These all pertain to Spring: Ashen mask, I bought my first day and it disappeared from my inventory entirely, the blender as well never showed up after I purchased it. Not exactly game breaking, but can hinder the process of a well-completed endgame.

The Ashen Mask is not carried in your inventory. If you open the clothing chest in your house you put it on like a piece of clothing.

The blender doesn't show up at your house automatically. You will need to pick it up from the post office in a few days. Once you do that it will appear in your house.

Azenite: Worlds Collide

This is a concept I haven't come across before on RMN. Subscribed and looking forward to playing a demo.

New cover artwork

It does capture the beauty of rural farmland. The sunset is a nice touch. I second the idea of adding some crops or buildings into the background.

Prophecy : The Demon Kingdom

Do you have any plans to complete Prophecy: The Demon Kingdom once you finished World's Dawn?

World's Dawn

I've come across a bug. When I give Senah grapes she acts like I gave her Sizzling Stirfry.


I just finished the Ocean Festival. The swimming mini game was tougher than I expected.

However, my hair changed just like SP15's did after I left the festival. It looks exactly the same as the screenshots that were posted.

Looks like I found the same bug SP15 did.


I just realized I never received the Urban Skyscape I purchased from the Home Shopping Program. It should have arrived before the ball I bought for my dog but it never showed.

Also, the ball I bought for my dog doesn't show anywhere in the inventory.

World's Dawn

Aurora, that is indeed because you stayed up so late. It was actually something that was supposed to be in the spring season, but wasn't working right. I wanted to encourage players to actually make it home at the end of the day instead of just using the midnight warp.

Thanks for clearing that up Sagitar. After a crazy work week this game certainly is good for calming the nerves.

World's Dawn

I may have found a bug. I started a new game and played through first day without seeing anything out of the ordinary. I was automatically kicked back to my house when it hit midnight.

I saved my game in slot 2 and then hit the sack. However, when I awoke on day 3 my EN had not recharged. It was exactly where it had been at the end of day 2.

Is this normal because I stayed up so late?

New screenshots and summer updates

Thank you very much! Yes, I agree that real life should come first, but it doesn't make me feel any less guilty for missing my deadline...

I hope you like the summer season! I'll be posting a trailer very soon to show off more of the new stuff (including that swimming minigame) and then the full download shortly after.

That is great news. I can't wait to play the new season.

New screenshots and summer updates

First off, congratulations on your engagement. Real life should always come first.

Second, Thanks for letting us know that the summer season will be making an appearance soon. I can't wait to try out the swimming mini game that one of your earlier screenshots alluded to.