Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

I'm not really sure why this is on the list of featured games at RPGM. I only played the first 10-15 minutes, but there were SO many tiny and major flaws I don't even care to try and review it.

I loved Mario RPG on the SNES and so the "seven" in the name attracted me greatly. But, well, this is just crap. Sorry creators. I know y'all put a lot of time into it and I didn't, but if in the first 15 minutes there are so many problems and contradictions, you can't really expect anyone to play more.

Chain of Retribution

Going back into the tavern in the capital crashed my game after you figure out what's going on. And after leaving the capital and finding yourself west of it, I went back into the capital to try and meet with Rial at the tavern and it still crashes. If you haven't had this reported I can be more specific on the first crash (I save often in different slots).

Also, by "crash" I mean it gives me a plain black screen that doesn't change in 60 seconds. Loving the game so far besides the crashes!

*edit I'm sure there is some bug reporting procedure but this was the easiest and most available so forgive me =P

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer

How do I fix the font? I tried googling for a fix and have no idea what the few suggestions people made are. Looking forward to trying the game but can't while the font is all smudged and pixelated.

Love and War: Act I

Woohoo! Thanks guys! I've been having the same problem with a bunch of games and this fixes it! Hurrah!

Love and War: Act I

Is there some way to make the text in the game not look all pixelated squished together? It gives me headaches trying to decipher every line of dialogue. After reading some of the above posters I would love to try the game were it not for the half-illegible text.
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