Heroes of Umbra

Will try to do something about it, although I am not skilled with these kinds of stuff...

Edit: I updated my Java(if ever that it needed updating) and it's still the same(not surprising)...

Heroes of Umbra

I wish I could play this on my laptop, but I have a problem.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Erm., Can someone help me on this?,
The game crashes on me every now and then.
"RPG_RT.exe has stopped working"
is what it says,
I really want to play continously, but this problem is kinda getting to me.
And it forces me to Save often.
Maybe there are other comments like this in here, but I'm kinda lazy to look for them at every page.

In Ruins Found

Ermm., I'm having a certain problem when I start the game,
It says something about the file system2c.
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