Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright :: 2022 Gammak Challenge!

If the character is tiger-themed, is that okay? Had an idea for a Kamen-Rider-esque game in my head.

The Great Ghostman

I don't like combat games nor the 2003 graphics but your plot has interested me, so I've subbed.
I look forward to great things from this if it's well thought out and implementing it could turn out really great. Hope it does.

Thanks. Oh boy, gonna have to really make that plot sing!

Beloved Rapture

Screens this beautiful? Consider me subbed!


Wow, this looks beautiful. Subbing.

Monster World RPG

I know nothing about MW, but this looks interesting. Subbed.

Lone Star

Nice art, beautiful-looking gameplay- I'm subbed.

Melon Journey 2

Love the sprite work. Totally subbed.


I like it. Is it still breaking the chair that gets you rescued?

Legion Saga DX

Also; have you ever considered optional permadeath ala recent Fire Emblem games?

Legion Saga III Review

Eh, it's kinda like saying every RM game was basically Final Fantasy because it had the same layout and gameplay designs, too. It's a silly distinction to make.

I mean, the whole reason I even played Legion Saga at all back then (yeah, I was around when the games first came out) was because it promised to be like Suikoden, but with a new story. People kept saying 3 basically ripped the games off when it came out and I just couldn't see it - the gameplay, sure, and general idea of collecting people, but that's what people wanted from the Legion Saga series. It's the reason they played the games and why they were so popular in the first place.

But people saying that the story of three was basically ripping off Suikoden is beyond stupid. It was in fact the least like the games plot-wise (hell, all three of them were sufficiently different from the onset) and it never made any sense, then or now. :/

It is nice that they do have a fandom, you are right. XD

I see where you're coming from, and to be honest, it was never a dealbreaker for me. When I review, I try to ask myself if I think others would like the game regardless of whether or not I do. I've reviewed games and comics plenty of times before where I've given atrocious scores to things I've loved and excellent scores to things I hated. Not because I don't think my opinion counts for much, but because I can either see the appeal or I can see why people would have a problem with it. I could conceive of people having a problem with the story, even though it didn't bother me, so I reviewed LS3 in accordance with that. Does the complaint make a whole lot of sense? Perhaps not, but it's one that people made and it will likely be one that people make again (history has a habit of repeating itself).

Hmmm... I should make Legion Saga a Tumblr page, or something, see how much of the fandom comes there.
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