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Schuld (English Translation) Review

Thanks the review!

Schuld (English Translation) Review

Fun fact: the seven deadly sins in the book aren't in German. They're in Latin.

Schuld (English Translation) Review

Thank you for the review!

Desert Nightmare (English Translation) Review

Thank you for this! Sorry about that little bit of leftover German, but I s'pose it will just stand as a testament to its heritage...

A Home Far Away Review

... 1/5 on character and story? O_o

Muse Review

Just re-pasting my response!

Thanks, that is some nice feedback. Also, I'm not certain if Akira Yamaoka songs were actually used in the demo or not, but there are none now at least. The clothes on the Theodore sprites are all meant to be lab coats or the like but we were on a tight time schedule for the demo. Thanks for the atmosphere compliments, and about the walking speed... I will have to play through it a bit first because yeah, there aren't massive maps so it shouldn't really be a problem to have low speed... but I may prefer to have select parts where speed slows down, like The Longing Ribbon.

Muse Review

There are a few clips of singing at the end of the demo.

Vanilla Villain Review

The music should work (I tested it just now) and the game is "completed." If the music doesn't work it is an issue with your computer. There are a lot of versions that I have, some with boss fight, some with and without those face graphics, etc... And YDS doesn't care about makerscore, makerscore = locker space which she doesn't need since if we need to upload anything we have our own hosting, so she wouldn't just mark it as completed. :)

Befuddle Quest 4 Dead Review

Thanks! In retrospect, the quiz puzzles were too tough, but I wanted to try to implement something to make sure players were paying attention.

Don't Go Out Review

what is this title screen business
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