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Guess the Game!!!

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Breath of Fire III. Too easy.

*will come up with a screen shortly*

There you go.

This is that Home Alone game or whatever.

Son of Bitch, Shit!

I cuss a lot, but I try not to. I don't cuss as much anymore and it's kinda going away. =)

RMN Radio

Pretty cool idea, I think.

We would need to stay focused on a topic during the discussion though... (Or at least have some clue of what we want to talk about.)

We Did It First screenshot thread

I hope that's a good thing. =D

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We Did It First screenshot thread

We Did It First screenshot thread

That's a cool world map... Reminds me of CT for some reason.


We Did It First screenshot thread



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EDIT: Awesome site, btw! I'll start posting on here, too, rather than just Township.

you haven't posted there in a month!

Two Hundred Members

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Then prove me wrong! Also make me a mod so I can change peoples' custom titles to random hilarity.

Someone do this to me!

The middle finger's of normal size I don't get what

Grow another finger on your palm so you can be awesome like that.