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RMN Werewolf / Mafia

/me lynch liman

RMN Werewolf / Mafia

What are you thinking about right now?

the "ORIGinal adventures of bryan cebulski and his cute friends"

I'm Leaving

goodbye ratty, you will be missed

hey mog bro

is this you man

i was just, wonderin', y'know

Dream Class: Make up your own school

In my school guns would be allowed
so confused as to why you would want this would grade the teachers? with a blow job? whatever floats your boat
For the guns thing, think about it this way: would you want to go shoot up a school knowing that all the other students had guns too?
And you misread my grading one: You don't grade the teachers, they grade you and give you a reward based on the criteria I put up. So if you got an A, the teacher rewards you with an example.

you are like a reverse pedophile

AAG's site @ RMN

Neok just likes fucking with our heads.

AAG's site @ RMN

You get this, right?
You're supposed to get that anti-climbing paint.


asian women are actually robots

Featured Games

Space Funeralis doing decently on Game Jolt and got a feature on 1UP. Go fap it around those/other sites if you want to. RMN decided to feature a longer, bigger, more traditional RPG - it might not be THE BEST EVER, but I also doubt that Space Funeral is going to appeal to everybody.

Go lead or something.

I wasn't aware that all the games RMN has featured APPEALS TO EVERYBODY.