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Well, Well...Look Who Has FINALLY Come Back To Town!

i've waited for this day


Yeah, whenever I get Rick Roll'd I am just like "lol internets"

[IDEA] Halloween Contest Brainstorm Thread!

dibs on aznchipmunk for a team project - doing absolutely nothing because of schoooooooooooool

What are you thinking about right now?

Dorm internet is even faster.

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

There are actually people who like using three computer screens for working and multitasking... That's not the case here; but I thought I'd bring that up.

Myersguy: Buy this mouse pad:

Tardis: Is there a reason you're biting this guy's head off? He said something about your keyboard and mouse pad in jest. I thought you were a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything? I mean, using your logic those higher resolution than real world pictures you take are showing off your deep pockets.
Actually, I do use all of the screens quite often. For anyone who is part of the Garrys mod roleplay scene, I am a frequent player of TacoNBanana servers. To shortform everything, it's roleplay in which I like to have firefox open for info, and often a movie, or something similar, to watch when gameplay gets slow. Aside from that, it's nice to be able to put a movie up on the TV, and watch it from my bed.

Also, sick mousepad, but I find I am playing less and less FPS lately, so my Razor pad will suffice for now. First is new speakers/headset.

Finally, the only reason I didn't post the rest of my room is because it's rather generic, and it's a huge mess. But hey, I'll show the basement of my house, since it's something to look at, and I already have pictures uploaded:

Stage was homebuilt. Turns out making one isn't really that hard. The rest of it is my Dad's collection, really. Music is to him what computers are to me. That's not to say I don't take interest in music, of course. I enjoy making some noise down there once in a while.

wait wait wait

so instead of showing us your expensive computer setup

you are showing us your parents' expensive musical gear

"your crashpad" ???

Nice to meet you!

i guess playing barbies on your anime forum with our avatars never really took off huh

oh god that ahahahahaha

I will talk at you [skype thread]

not the kind of porn i watch


What are you thinking about right now?

I'll have dorm internet again tomorrow though.

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

i mean, i guess it's nice to see somebody('s parents) has any amount money right now. shame to see it's going to waste.

Nice to meet you!