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I haven't been active here in quite a while, because I've been busy. And over that time, I noticed that I really hadn't intended to return to posting actively around here either...

So I decided, it's probably about time for me to take my leave.

I've been around RMN and just RM in general for a long time, but I've always had a lot of interests otherwise, and at this point in life, I don't have the free time to do everything I would like to do... I also have this feeling that the reasons I came here to work on games long ago... Well, those reasons don't really apply here anymore. I'm tired of RMN, but I don't mean to blame anyone. There's a lot of cool people here that I like, but I don't feel in touch with the community anymore as I don't have much to say on most topics anymore. I'm tired of hearing the same discussions and drama over and over again.
I might pop up and post randomly every once in a while, but I don't think I'll ever be as active as I once was. I also might pop up on IRC every once in a while. I'll try to wrap up some loose ends with things such as the comic collaboration.
Even though I won't be truly active, I'll still be working on a variety of things behind the scenes. Some things are games, some are not, I might have an interesting update every once in a while.
If you wanna discuss game design or music or anything, I'm always willing to help and I'm generally always around on AIM or MSN. Hit me up if you wanna talk. Otherwise, thank you guys. I've enjoyed talking to a lot of you guys (and I will still talk to some of you). but my time here is over. Hopefully(?) I won't get sucked back into RMN. Seriously.


hey mog bro

is this you man

i was just, wonderin', y'know

zai jian


going to china for 3 weeks


At the end of my recent, last year of high school, I led a team of artists at my school in designing a mural to honor a retiring teacher (a favorite teacher of mine.) Artistically this is probably my greatest accomplishment and I put a lot of work into it, including at least 35 hours of painting it! Painting it took about a week.

More detailed photos:

There was also a news article about it. I'm actually not in the photo that was printed because at the time of the photo, I was onstage performing or rehearsing or something like that.

The mural celebrates performing arts at my high school. There are sections devoted to orchestral music, jazz, theatre, dance, and the center section is dedicated to my high school music teacher, who was really, an amazing guy. (At the far right end is now a plaque in honor of him.)

So. Who can name everyone on it?

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 2

The last one was pretty well received... so I think it's maybe time for a round two?

Current Person: Darken
The order:
1. Rhyme
2. Pokemaniac
3. Sir_Subtle
4. AznChipmunk
5. statistic
6. AABattery
7. Shinan
8. Sam
9. Lennon
10. Darken
11. SLuv
12. thedjt
13. Rei-
14. Nines
15. Neok
16. Archeia_Nessiah
17. VideoWizard
18. InvaderZim
19. Ratty524
20. Dudesoft
21. tardis
23. StarSkipping
24. Erilex
25. ChaosProductions

TheDigitalMonk (SHAME)

Remember, folks.
-You have four days. I'm willing to extend if really necessary.
-Format should be .png
-Dimensions should be 8.5 by 11 inches or 612 by 792 pixels.
-Do not upload to RMN locker, upload it to imageshack or etc.
-When you finish, send it in a PM to the next person AND send it to me.
-The STORY goes backwards--MAKE SURE you remember that. So technically, the person you send it to is doing the page BEFORE yours. At the end the pages will be reversed.
-Please copy and paste this note in your PM.
-Please post in the topic when you are finished so we can keep up with progress!

Anyways, we're switching it up a bit this time. We're going to write a backwards story--that means after the order of people is randomly picked, we will start from the bottom up! And you guys will have to think backwards in terms of story! (Even more confusion!)


Sign Ups GO GO GO:
1. AznChipmunk
2. tardis
3. SLuv
4. Darken
5. Shinan
6. Ratty524
7. Neok
8. InvaderZim
9. Pokemaniac
10. Rei-
11. ChaosProductions
12. VideoWizard
13. Sam
14. StarSkipping
15. Archeia_Nessiah
16. AABattery
17. Sir_Subtle
18. Erilex
19. thedjt
20. statistic
21. Rhyme
22. TheDigitalMonk (SHAME)
23. Lennon
24. Nines
25. Dudesoft
26. sunshinesan

The RMN Mini Comic Collaboration!

Warning: Image Heavy...


Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8


Read these to understand what's going on if you already don't!
1. Page dimensions must be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, or 612 by 792 pixels. Please make it .png.
Read the other topic. It has the rest of the rules-they are exactly the same.
Current: We've finished!
1. arcan
2. Pokemaniac
3. thedjt
4. tardis (SHAME)
5. AznChipmunk
6. AABattery
7. Sir_Subtle
8. Dudesoft
9. Erilex

I will only be taking a limited number of signups for this.

1. AznChipmunk
2. Pokemaniac
3. arcan
4. Sir_Subtle
5. Dudesoft
6. tardis
7. AABattery
8. thedjt
9. Erilex

Leave a reply if you wish to join.
However, I am creating a new rule. We are going to put this comic out much faster and people who sign up should be ready to put out a page right away. Since the other one is taking too long! So. You have a deadline of only two days this time. That said, I will make sure the order is completely different from the other.

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

For un-informed readers, this comic collaboration works in a specific way:
Each contributer is randomly assigned a page number. Then, the comic starts, with page 1 and so forth... however, each person only sees the comic page before theirs. For example, the person assigned page 8 ONLY sees page 7, and none of pages 1-6. So random tangents, ahoy! It provides some interesting results... Anyways...


Warning: Image Heavy

Title Page
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24
Page 25

Download Entire Comic as .rar


Current page: tardis Finished!
Current list:
1. Neok
2. SorceressKyrsty
3. Rei-
4. statistic
5. boobledeeboo
6. Dudesoft
7. Erilex
8. AABattery
9. YDS
10. AznChipmunk
11. Anaryu
12. ChaosProductions
13. Darken
14. Sam
15. Ocean's Dream
16. meh_ch
17. Skie
18. thedjt
19. arcan
20. Ratty524
21. Pokemaniac
22. Sir_Subtle
23. tardis
24. K-hos
25. GreatRedSpirit
0. tardis (title page)

Black magechill (SHAME)
Karsuman (SHAME)
Fractal Advocate (SHAME)
Hunt147 (SHAME)
Zilla_Senetai (SHAME)
Now, some guidelines that are important. Please read:
1. Page dimensions must be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, or 612 by 792 pixels. Please make it .png.
2. Your page must make some sense with the context of the previous page, but you don't have too include all info. Sample: page A has a monk charging up some energy explosion with his hands, page B has a silhouette of a man against an explosion, page C has a completely different looking man standing, looking off into the distance at a city just hit by an explosion (like Akira.) As details from page A, such as the man being a monk (since he's only a silhouette in B) are not clear in B, they will vanish by C. yadda yadda yadda, I bet you guys already know this, but just clarifying because I don't want any messups. :)
Read the comicompo that I linked--you'll get it.
3. Neok will start--he can basically do whatever the hell he wants, something that starts off an adventure or story, or anything really.
4. Once you are done, upload your image. DO NOT POST IT HERE. DO NOT UPLOAD IT TO YOUR RMN LOCKER. Instead, please upload it to somewhere like imageshack so people do not go around poking your locker and find your comic page, because that would ruin the surprise. Then, please send a PM to the next person on the list with your image, and PLEASE make a post in this topic notifying us that you have finished your page (so people will have a warning that it will be their time soon.) DO NOT post the image.
5. Oh, and of course, I have decided. The maximum time you have for each page is 4 days. If you need more, please send me a private message and I will bump you to a point later on the list, so you will have a later chance to do a page, but PLEASE, I would much prefer it if you told me before you receive the PM for the previous comic page.
6. Once we are done, I will collect up all the pages, organize them, have a title page drawn, and put it up for viewing as well as download.
7. And please, if you haven't joined yet, I can make space for you easily! So please continue signing up!
8. Lastly, if this goes well and is well received, we can do more of them!

==== Information:
Recently, TIG featured a webcomic collaboration called comicompo. tardis and I read it and thought, RMN has such talented artists, why don't we try it out there? Basically what it is, is a bunch of people (you guys!) sign up, and everyone is randomly assigned a page number. Then, each person creates their page in order... HOWEVER, people ONLY see the page before their own. So basically, randomness and hilarity!
You can check out their comicompo here:

The only real rule is it has to reference something from the previous page so it is not TOO random, in a way that each page makes sense from the last. (read the comic in the link above if you don't get it, everything will make sense.)

There are a lot of you guys I kind of expect to sign up and I really hope you do. :) It should be fun. We'll create a set period of time for each page to be created in, but no pressure, this isn't a contest with a deadline.

Remember guys though, you don't need to be super intense about your art to join. It would also be awesome for the pages to feature a wide variety of styles and mediums, so basically go crazy, and deliver some laughs! There won't be any sort of "judging" system to determine whether your page is good enough to go in the collaboration (I won't even see them until the end), so seriously, sign up and do anything!

I will probably pick specific people to make the first and last pages but everyone else will definitely be randomized. I will assign everyone and we can start once we get a decent number of people, BUT! signups will pretty much be open until the last page. And remember guys, more people means more pages, means a more entertaining comic.

Sign-up list:
1. AznChipmunk
2. tardis
3. YDS
4. Dudesoft
5. ChaosProductions
6. Darken
7. Lennon
8. Ratty524
9. statistic
10. Rei-
11. Karsuman (SHAME)
12. arcan
13. thedjt
14. Neok
15. Ark (SHAME)
16. SorceressKyrsty
17. GreatRedSpirit
18. Anaryu
19. Skie**
20. K-hos**
21. Hunt147 (SHAME)
22. Ocean's Dream
23. boobledeeboo
24. Erilex
25. AABattery
26. Sir_Subtle
27. Sam
28. Fractal Advocate (SHAME)
29. meh_ch
30. Black magechill (SHAME)
31. Pokemaniac
32. Zilla_Senetai (SHAME)

** = late list (means when I draw names, I will draw them afterwards so it will ensure you get a later page instead of one of the earlier pages. So you busy people can request to be on it!)

Leave a reply if you want to sign up confirming that you do!

And on the subject of hosting... I may be able to host it, but that is unlikely. WIP may create a comic page that we can present, but otherwise, it will most likely be a forum post and a download.


This isn't necessarily "artistic" but it is an art game!
Basically it's online pictionary, and it's pretty fun to play with some RMNers (Dudesoft, uh, oto and some others were playing it with me last night.)

So, guys, let's get a larger RMN game going.
Hit me up on AIM if you want to play.
It's pretty easy and quick to get the hang of... and. NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED. Everyone pretty much sucks at drawing quickly with a mouse (the good drawings are people who use tablets) but honestly, if you can draw anything to represent your word, it's fun.


Hi, please don't be too harsh, I'm pretty new to this stuff.
I meant to post this earlier but Chinese New Year got in the way.

Please check the larges. I shrunk them down considerably so they didn't stretch out the page times a million.




This one was intended to have a sort of a collage-ish effect. I took photos of Niagara from different angles and different times of day. (please click large) I will probably go back and edit the set of images that is a little too brown.

Here's some other stuff that isn't necessarily photography.

Discussion - Adventure game styled puzzles!

This topic has some discussion that inspired me to create some discussion that isn't so heavily RPG-based, but RPG-based discussion within the topic is still very much welcome!

The Secret of Monkey Island (Commercial)
Shifter's Box - Outside In (Freeware)
The Shivah (Indie, Commercial)

(hopefullly these will clue you in if you don't recall adventure games)
These are quite a classic style of games, and there is an indie community that makes them with the AGS engine:

Adventure style games revolve around puzzles traditionally based on objects you find (and sometimes the ways you combine them.) Some examples include the classic Monkey Island series, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, the freeware Chzo Mythos series, and my personal favorite, The Longest Journey. There is even a great RPGMaker series of adventure games called The Pangaea Chronicles. Adventure games also heavily focus on writing, and it's always great when puzzles fit within the context of the story and writing.

However, puzzle design can be a little tough. When designing these puzzles, developers have to think in the mind of the player. "What is logical? What fits together?" Say the character knows there is a key dropped down a grate, and the puzzle is designed so that you must buy a pack of gum somewhere, chew it, and attach it to a piece of string to lift up the key. But what if the developers create a fishing pole item for a different puzzle? The developers have to compenstate for the logical overlap that exists there (and this is a problem that I have seen within adventure games.) They could remove an item, or come up with some sort of excuse like "I won't be able to hook it and bring back up with me--keys don't take bait!"

As I pick up progress on Muse, and eventually venture further out into Night Shift Noble, I will have to do more and more of this sort of thinking, and I am not quite sure how I will create all these puzzles yet. What do you guys think of this sort of puzzle, and who has actually successfully created a number of these puzzles? What sort of steps should a developer take to design these logic puzzles? (i'm looking at you catamites)
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