Hey I'm Azzie!

I've always been a fan of videogames, especially Nintendo. My goal is to create some weird and wonderful games, experimenting with ideas and creating a polished, complete experience.

I aim to make distinct style of game, with odd characters, but strong mechanics. Games that people can play and recognise as an "Azzie" game.

If you ever play any of my games, and have any thoughts, feel free to give feedback or advice. I'll greatly appreciate feedback and criticism, and always looking to improve.

Reindeer Story
Be a Deer! Seasonal RPG, Absurd Action-Adventure!



Polish, Polish, Polish!

Norway! I came in here to Czech your progress and am Hungary for more!

Israel nice to hear that.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Call it Wintermas, then you've got a few extra months.

Happy New Year!

Working hard

...or hardly working?

Yes :)


I like the floor pattern. Reminds me of Earthbound.

Thanks, It's actually based on an area from Mother 3. I made it similar to the Hexagon floors in Chimera Labs.

Reindeer Story

This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.

Thanks, I was going for a kind of cartoony/animation style of pixel art.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Sounds pretty nice, I'll see if I can come up with something.


Point at things.
Jump in dumpster.
Be shocked by presents.

Seriously though I assume J is jump. If so it would be more intuitive to have it as the bottom button on a controller rather than the left button.

Yep J is jump. WASD is move and L is interact.

The reasoning for the buttons is due to some advanced controls not pictured. K or the Bottom Button on a controller is a Dash button, and speed effects jump distance.

So the controller you can use your thumb to hold Run and also tap Jump.
Or on keyboard hold K with your middle finger and tap J with your index finger.

Its done... go play it.

Congrats, this game looks pretty bizarre in a good way. I'll give it a play, later today.

A different kind of Progression!

Glad to see you still updating this

Thanks, I'm glad to see there's interest in the game.

There's some more updates I want to make the game. You can see one in the equipment screen where I've put some minor details about the skills the item teaches.

I'll be putting out a new version in the near future, once I've playtested the changes.

Stone Age Storeys

Stone Age Storeys is a love letter to experimental 6th gen games like Pikmin or Cubivore and collectathon platformers like Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie with a bit of Breath of the Wild sprinkled in.
That's quite ambitious. You mentioned Pikmin. Does it mean the game has a strategy element to it? Or was it more of an inspiration for the game's tone?

Pikmin inspired the open areas, time limit and collection element(you carry the main collectable back to a home location). I also tried to aim for its atmosphere with the music.

I took small parts of the games that inspired it(like jumping, hunting, cooking and boss battles) that I'd think would fit this one's gameplay. So there's elements of Pikmin, just not the strategy. commanding or puzzles(same with the other games).

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