Just another ex-gaming industry hopeful, going to school and learning as much as I can. I don't think making a game will directly affect my chances of getting a job, but it will teach me the process as well as organization, something I sorely lack. I'm no longer working for Zynga, which is too bad.

What else? I like Japanese food and cinema (but I'm not an otaku), CRPGs (of course), electronic music (90's Industrial FTW), Belgian ales, meat cooked over fire, 420, CGI, 3D animation, cats, SNES, subversive or black comedy, dystopian sci-fi, and any epic fantasy brave enough to step out of the Tolkien shadow.

My dislikes include all forms of bigotry, country music, fast food, factory farms, multinational corporations, warfare, social networking, romantic comedies (in general), and politics.




Sweet. Checking it out.


lol, I guess rpgmaker=SRS BSNS after all

AAG is out!

It's the 9th over here! Christmas came early! :D

I just waked up and it's here! This is the bestest Christmas ever!


and a remote control car

Zwanzig Fünfzehnten

Zwanzig Fünfzehnten

No backups?

Zwanzig Vierzehnten

Original Soundtrack

Great news!

Cross your fingers: I contacted Enterbrain.

Have you thought about switching engines? 2K3 would be suitable for your needs, I think.

We are not dead

Good to hear. I was just wondering about this the other day.

Also, subscribed.

Not dead. Have holograms.

Yeah it's an old project so it looks like crap. The yellow squares are actually invisible tiles set to impassable. I would remove the yellow box from the chip before release. This was to get past the 1 tile limit on ceilings.

Alternatively, you could just make a virtual reality chair that the character coud "jack" into. Or booths.
Having a program that stimulates your senses and nerve centers sounds a lot more feasible than a room that combines holograms with force fields into human shaped characters, blah , blah, blah.

I think they're only ridiculous in the case of Star Trek because they go to great lengths to explain the science in order to make it sound feasible. Not really important.
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