Just another ex-gaming industry hopeful, going to school and learning as much as I can. I don't think making a game will directly affect my chances of getting a job, but it will teach me the process as well as organization, something I sorely lack. I'm no longer working for Zynga, which is too bad.

What else? I like Japanese food and cinema (but I'm not an otaku), CRPGs (of course), electronic music (90's Industrial FTW), Belgian ales, meat cooked over fire, 420, CGI, 3D animation, cats, SNES, subversive or black comedy, dystopian sci-fi, and any epic fantasy brave enough to step out of the Tolkien shadow.

My dislikes include all forms of bigotry, country music, fast food, factory farms, multinational corporations, warfare, social networking, romantic comedies (in general), and politics.



Valkyrie Stories - Escallion Rising

Good to see more high-end group projects going. Subbed.

Eternal Grace

Best FF fangame evar.

A Clockwork Orange

What's this about a new game?

The New Disciples (Season 1)

There was an interview with Mary Harron, the director of American Psycho. In it, she explained the desire to make a disturbing film, rather than an offensive one. I think what you were going for was disturbing, but ended up being offensive. Learn the fine art of subtlety if you want to take on black comedy.

Evania: The Bulan Conflict

Get a business loan, finish the game, LOL.

Forever's End

Legend of Legaia was another one I played a lot, and was probably my first serious RPG.


Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version

haven't touched it in roughly forever
I see your point
I'll ride his ass
shoot his "dog"
such a cocktease

LOL, WTF am I reading here....

Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version

Recruiting :D

Tower of lies

tell me lies
tell me sweet little liessss

lol Stevie Nicks

EDIT: Oops it was Fleetwood Mac (so close)

Death Wish - The RPG

(Stallone wants to apparently)

WTF? Give it to James Caviezel.
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