The Maid of Fairewell Heights

I'm so glad this game is featured. This is such a fun game.


I love it. The story, Haru because they're so cute, the puzzles, atmosphere, the intro, the voice acting and the mystery

The music is ambient music right? Unfortunately, I barely heard it and so did my OBS studio

Sa Ilalim ng Gabi

This game is amazing! I love how it doesn't have cheap loud noises to earn the scares

Succubus Shop Review

Thanks for this review, mate. It shows me that I did some things right during development. :)

Personally, I love the RTP assets. They're neat graphics, easy to edit, and also tons of them available (I develop all my games with these graphics. You might want to look into those games as well).

Anyway, I'm really happy to see this game being received so well and thanks again for taking the time to write this review.

And thank you for making this fun game!

Succubus Shop

Looks interesting. I'll give it a go
Thanks. Hope you'll enjoy it.

I'm done and this game is really fun!

I'll make a review of it later. I gotta make a script first haha

Succubus Shop

Looks interesting. I'll give it a go

Stay Home

I really love your game!

It's so cute and June looks like a vocaloid but the secret ending came out of nowhere. I made a quick a video on my thoughts about your game:
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