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Ara Fell
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Villnoire is Complete!

As someone that's been there, congrats. Nevermind the happy feeling you get by finally releasing something you've worked on for so long, it really is like a weight is lifted. I know that's a cliche, but god damn if that isn't exactly what it feels like.

Rise of the Third Power freeware version permenantly going down today at 5:00 EST

Hmm... I'll give it some thought, but I'd rather not. I'd prefer if the finished version is the only one available.

Rise of the Third Power freeware version permenantly going down today at 5:00 EST

@Kentona that'll be the sequel if we make one, incidentally.

[Poll] Major development crossroads

My advice; just finish the game, except leave out stuff like animations and whatever else might be related to special sprite artwork (poses, etc). Decide at the end of the project whether it's worth the trouble to convert it. Do that during the beta testing phase, not the early development phase.

[RM2K3] Single Tile import

Not sure I totally understand the question, but in rm2k3, you have mainly tilesets and character sets for mapping, and both of these kinds of resources have to be specific dimensions. You can't import a single tile; you have to import an entire tileset.

If I'm following you here, what you'll want to do is create 4 frames of your flame animation, and place them on the actual tileset in one of the areas rm2k3 sets aside for such animations.

And the Winner is...

The music was easily the best part of the game, imo. Nicely done!

[RM2k3]Auto Tile Bug/Glitch

It might just be that I missed it, but I didn't notice this happening with a particular rm2k3 update. It actually seems like a recent windows 10 update might be the culprit...

At any rate, while this is annoying, it seems to just be a screen refresh sort of error. As far as I can tell, the error doesn't persist when you play the game, and does fix itself when you do anything that refreshes the screen (change maps, close the database, etc).

I'd certainly like to see this addressed, but at least it can be safely ignored by the user.

[RM2K3] How to go about releasing an epiodic game?

Option 1 is the easiest, imo, assuming Steam isn't an option and/or you can't make your own installer to handle option 2 automatically.

Does anyone still have official version rpgmaker2003 available? [RM2K3]

I'd suggest asking on the RPG Maker 2003 page on Steam. Cherry checks that pretty regularly. If your friend is running into issues that really are related to the patch, I'm sure he'd want to know and can probably help fix some of them.

Cherry checks RMN too, but you should be able to catch him for sure on Steam.

My game is one of the top sold games with RPG Maker tag on Steam.

What I have a problem with is not bragging; it's dishonesty. But I could let it go if he wasn't trying to form a publishing company.