Hello, hell hole!
Y'all beautiful bastards~




I'm loving that style of yours! Also for some reason I want to bite them...

Dream Eater

Hey this looks nice and comfortable, very promising as well!

Writing Advice needed!

Red herrings and foreshadowing make the best games. It's a fact!

What's your catchphrase?

"You don't know jackshit or bullshit, man."

Highschool was a roller coaster.

Are these ideas ok


There's something wrong with your post and it's making me nervous.

Long Gone Days

OH MY LORD! I love everything about this! Just.... GOD!


This area reminds me of the shrine in Higurashi.

This whole picture reminds me why I prefer 2d over CGI. So beautiful and eye catching.

Turtle Head

Y'know? As much as I'm getting tired of seeing horror RPGs made in RPG maker... I just can't get mad at them~ I mean, I have a weakness for this kind of thing, even more when you put some real work in them. You have my subscription friend.

Melting Moon

I came here because I liked the pretty pictures. Now i'm hype!

Help Improve RPG MAKER MV

So what are the main problems that plague RPG MV? I was barely able to run it on my desktop with all the lag in both the editor and playtesting, but I liked the little changes they made.