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Battle of Instinct
Intense fighting game with multiple reaction mechanics



Psychic Crusader - Condemned Sabrina preview for "The End of Existence"

Favorite, it looks so badass and I really want to cosplay this


Vindictive Drive | Difference between human and machine

I was wondering what combat looked like. ... Equipment. Only 1 'p'...

Thanks! I didn't notice, luckily I'll have a language tester to help.

Vindictive Drive | Difference between human and machine

so, is it possible to go all stealth without killing anybody?
Yes, I plan it to be that way, the best choice will be not using any bullets at all.

It will be a better choice to buy batteries for the jammers than bullets.

Using the pistol can save the player from a complicated moment but it will make the game harder and have consequences in the plot.

Not to mention some enemies will have armor, weapons and skills far superior to Arris, and ammo will be very limited.

Thanks for your comment!

A Small Teaser

Stunning art, beautiful sounds, good work.
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