Game.exe crash bug, advice needed

delte the .exe and put another and hope it is actually a corrupted .exe

Mapping and Spriting


The Dance-off of the century!!!!!!!!!

I like the way you design your houses btw.

There's a draft on my butt!

They are so big compared to those chipsets. Is like seeing a lot of Yao Ming LOL

Rejoice! Santa may leave little something under your tree

Hope you still working on this ^^

Demo Details

So what happened with those 5 days LOL

Endgame Ideas

I like the parallel game idea a lot dude, you should try that.

RMN is still pimpin'?

I will don't worry.

RMN is still pimpin'?

Too bad, I probably won't see any of you games because I don't go to any other forum besides this one based on rpg maker.,

Animating Jean

Damn this looks good...
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