Mech Gears

How can I download the game?

Found on itch but Winrar *pukes*

Anyways, this good game but I can replace the main gun with another, so I am stuck sometimes because I don't have bullets.

Pokemon Nighmare: Invasion

The story and the setting looks cool but damn is the battle system annoying. I am fiding beating professor Chen too hard because of it.


I am getting this error when I try to run the Trial.exe

Wildsilver Zero

Gameplay wise, the game is fine.

The frame rate goes down in the forest due to the light. In my opinion, the lights in the forest are unnecessary, because you are outside, and it's not like the forest gives a feel that it has so many trees. I would leave that light for caves and the houses, which I like that look in the houses you visit. But to be honest, those overlays used in the game, the frame rate to go down.

Aside from that I enjoyed the game.

The difficulty goes up in the cave, though, freaking annoying LOL.

Final Fantasy Legacy

Why would you use MV tilesets in MZ? I was thinking about doing the opposite.

I made this game originally in MV and to use MZ's tile sets would mean a complete rewrite, so I decided to leave it as is. LOL

@thenerdmansion I saw your video and commented on it on the YT channel. Thanks for the review and will fix some of the things you mentioned.

Growling Garden

Subscribed. I am expecting good things about this game.

False Rebirth: Enhanced Edition

Any chance you can upload it as a Mac app? I think you can do it on Windows, even though you can't test it. I could play it and send you a list of bugs if you want.


By bugs I mean for playable purposes, not the game itself.

Star Stealing Prince - Definitive

The sprites used for this game are great!

Little Maddie Dear

Is there a possibility of you releasing a Mac version? I can beta test if need be.

RMN sucks 3

This game looks very trippy.