Final Fantasy Legacy Review

I would take the negative and the positive and improve on it. Thanks for the review.
No problem. It's not easy to judge this since it's only an introduction, so it may be something that would go up in rating or down (I hope not!). Anyway there are some really interesting parts in this beginning, really.

That makes sense. I just wanted to do this to learn the basics of the software, so I can work on something original.

Final Fantasy Legacy Review

I would take the negative and the positive and improve on it. Thanks for the review.

Runic Cipher Review

author=Allen Hunter
3. Currently, the world map remains incomplete, but more areas will be explored on the next release; you will be given a key item that lets you view a map of the entire world.
Yes do this and everything will be fine with me :)

As Allen pointed out, this is only the first chapter, and so a lot of it was setup. The story we are planning is a bit of a slow burn, and there will be a lot of development in future chapters. Talon and some of the others are intentionally underdeveloped at this point in the game, because to reveal their motivations now would probably spoil much of what's to come. Without giving too much away, there is more to it than the usual merry band of adventurers trying to stop an evil empire. All I can say is be patient with the storyline, because the bigger underlying plots will slowly be revealed over the next few chapters. Other than that, I'm glad to hear that we have succeeded in building a diverse world with some unique environments and rich lively history, because that is exactly what we were aiming for.

OkI see. It happens with demo's and hopefully everything works out for you guys and the next demo or complete game is released!

Best of luck to you gentlemen.

And nice review, Bandito. Simple yet effective as you give pros and cons to what hopefully will be an RPG epic. :)
Thanks bro!
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