Games we need to get over

Drunk Monopoly is awesome. Y'know when you get a bunch of mates over to play and apply drinking rules to the game. If you go to jail finish what you're drinking or take a shot, etc.

The harder part is when it's going on for a while just trying to stay focused on the game haha. Good times.

I'm actually going to agree with whoever said Final Fantasy Versus XIII.. If anyone did. Game doesn't look that great, bland environments and as much as I enjoy KH gameplay, in a serious setting it just doesn't seem right.

Also the new Devil May Cry.. SHUT UP about Dantes new look! They gameplay looks great and the character of Dante seems to be in tact, what's the big deal. I didn't know so many people played games based on how the main character looks like.
I know in fact I like this new look, it looks so unlike anime.

Love and War: Act I

One of the best rpg maker 2k games ev4r!

Hurricane Sandy

My prayers be with the people of New Jersey and New York.

Star Wars Episode VII (as well as VIII and IX!)

Well that is good, I wonder what happened after the rebels beat the empire.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

I've been looking for this game called Final Fantasy Legacy by ccoa. I've looked everywhere but haven't had any luck. It was based on this fanfic by the same name and I was reading it before it went down. Should've read it before the site went down:(

The Business Aspect of Starting a Game Studio

If I was you I would start working with some companies left so you know how to work in the business and then move on once you have an idea on how to start your own business.

The end of RM2k/RM2k3?

RPG maker xp or ace compare to C is useless and piece of crap. so at the end of the day people, just use whatever you want and be happy with it. What I never understood was why enter rain just didn't do updates to the same program because XP and above are pretty much updates of rm2k to be honest, they just change some things to.make it prettier.

rpg for windows phone?

Thanks for all the help guys. I have a windows phone that is why I was wondering...

rpg for windows phone?

rpg for windows phone?

Is there something like irm project but for the windows phone. I know there's not but I been looking for a while and im curious to say the least.