Star Stealing Prince - Definitive

The sprites used for this game are great!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

What do you guys think of this edit for the title screen?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Since I can't delete posts here's a screenshot.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I updated the map I showed before.

Below you can see a preview of the in game, as the above map doesn't show how it looks in the game.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

It is planned to be released on all main consoles. The icons changes depending on the joystick you are using. In my case I'm using a playstation one^^

I see, loving the art of the game.

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

I made a video about the map showing how it looks in game. [youtube][/youtube]

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

Please review the map, please. On the next page I added how it looks in game, I couldn't show an embed YouTube video at the same time as a picture, so I made another post, but it jumped to the next page.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

First prototype screenshot since we changed to 2.5D

Is that game being released for PlayStation? Because if not you should replace the button icons for ones that are not platform specific.

Aside from that the art looks cool!

How can Designers Create Levels to deal with Unflexable Players?

Answering Op's question, you can't. Gamers will play the game however you want to, and aside from a tutorial (written or shown in gameplay otherwise)explaining new mechanics, game developers shouldn't try to manipulate gamers decision-making. That's part of the experience.

Little Maddie Dear

Is there a possibility of you releasing a Mac version? I can beta test if need be.