RMN sucks 3

This game looks very trippy.

Succubus Shop

I'm going to play this game this weekend for sure. I was also thinking of doing a similar game to this, like a story based game with a gimmick (not an item store, but that is a good gimmick) because I can't for the life of me think of a story based on battles.

Starless Umbra

I completely forgot about this game, I am surprised this game is still being developed.

Release Maker Birthday~

Sign me up. I have been working on something that I could spice up as a trailer or a 1st level demo.


Daily Salary of 1 millions dollars? Looks like something that happens in real life for some reason.

The Fang - OUT NOW on Steam

This looks so cool!

Final Fantasy Legacy

You know that it is really frustrating, that the Bandits can steal all your money and you don't get it back even when you defeat them in the same turn.
So next I just run throught the forest, can gather a chest with 1000 Gil but only see another that you can't reach.

I thought original Final Fantasy games enemy steal command worked like that. Like they can steal x amount of money but you don't get it back at the end of the fight even if you kill them?

So I am taking that you think the prison being too hard. I will make the opponents easier on the next update.

I forgot to change the message box. It was supposed to be the fallen tree trunk in the forest. It's near that treasure box.

What is the money glitch you mention?
Just found it. Man did I missed that one LOL.

RM2k RTP Animations, Battlebacks, and Monsters for XP

The Battlers look great!


I was just about to ask that.


This is a well-designed map. Taking notes.