Nudity in Games

Maybe who knows ;D

Terminator Salvation(New Trailer!)

He's the governor of California for some years. Now imagine that someone didn't know that? Maybe you are form another country but still...I am from another country too and I still knew ;D.

Nudity in Games

Nudity in 2d and 3d games don't bother me at all.

Hi everybody

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You're here too :o?

I've been here since mid '07 :o?
Oh I see. Well it is good you're here too then.

All the cool kids joined mid-07.

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I'll bet you joined 07 too ;D.

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World Crafters v.10.1

What happened to this game is it still alive?

RMVX RTP, Chibi Graphics and Serious Games

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I do think "serious" needs better defining, however. I have a feeling FG's definition of serious is leaning towards his own game Sore Losers. Despite obviously being in a more modern setting, the parts about his game I read seem to indicate a mature game; mature to the point that VX RTP would not be suitable to recreate. Sore Losers, plain and simple, would not be taken "as seriously" with RTP..

This seems to define the argument. I don't mean to say that chibi games cannot be taken seriously, I mean to say that chibi graphics don't work in a mature setting.

I find it way easier to take a game with chibi graphics seriously than one that uses rips from other games.

Honestly, either use original graphics or write off graphics as a selling point of your game, because even using public domain images isn't really enough to get past the point that your game looks like every other game the community has seen, and even most of the people outside of the community in a lot of cases.

Well, first of all, the VX RTP clearly isn't original art. Second of all, I would rather play a game with ripped art that fits the setting than original art that didn't fit at all. Third of all, when you say "take seriously" you seem to mean serious in an artistic integrity way, which isn't what I am talking about at all. I am talking about trying to produce serious, mature games like Gears of War/Resident Evil etc. using chibi graphics that are clearly unsuitable. Original artwork might always has more integrity from an artistic standpoint than ripped art, but that doesn't mean ripped art can't portray a setting better than/just as well as unsuitable, original art. Afterall, if the art wasn't good to begin with then no one would be ripping it!

As for games looking same-y, that is exactly why people should try not to use the RTP when it isn't in keeping with the setting they are trying to portray. RMXP quickly fell into the trap of every game looking exactly the same (even modern setting games) and it would be a shame if RMVX got the same reputation.

...we say that children's books must be included in serious discussion of literature, and one reason we give is that many of the great works of imaginative fiction can be understood and appreciated by a child as well as by an adult--and vice versa. The understanding and appreciation may be different in kind, but its quality is the same, and deserves critical consideration. To throw a book out of serious consideration either because it was written for children, or because it is read by children, is in fact a monstrous act of anti-intellectualism. But it happens daily in academia.

First of all, text is not equal to graphics. You do not look at a word/sentence and think "hey, that's a cute word/sentence, this is making me feel more at ease" unless the author is specifically using the word/sentence in a way that envokes those feelings. Graphics, on the other hand, evoke certain feelings no matter what context you use them in, and that is the difference between the two.

Also, I am still not talking about taking things seriously which is what you seem to be talking about, I am talking about using chibi graphics within a serious setting, a setting which is gory/adult/violent or whatever. Different ways to use the word serious...

Fenrir was universally praised for being a sci-fi/horror shooter with bright pokemon graphics.

"If you like the Pokemon-style of graphics then you could easily add a few points to this section without any trouble at all, but because I'm not a fan of them in the first place they left me feeling a little disappointed. Equally, I also thought that something darker would've fitted the setting a lot better."

At least I am consistent.

What's cutesy about the VX RTP, exactly?

Almost everything.

I'm actually really angry that in that entire wall of text the only one of my valid points you picked was one you could easily dismiss using YOUR OWN REVIEW as evidence.

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Well I don't think cute is necessarily bad for serious game, if not look at Kingdom Hearts.

Oh STFU. You're not helping. : )

This whole topic could be cut down into a short statement so easily.

Clearly not, Sam. : )
Somebody actually got it :)

RMVX RTP, Chibi Graphics and Serious Games

Well I don't think cute is necessarily bad for serious game, if not look at Kingdom Hearts.

Hi everybody

You're here too :o?

Hi everybody

Even though I joined a lot of time ago, I am kind of new to the forums. I am a game maker of sorts, I use rm2k3 and I am learning rmvx. I am currently making a game called Dawn of the Scarlet Wind on the rm2k3 program but I am thinking of discarding to work further in the story.

I like video games and to race in the racetrack. I like motorcycles and I want to learn how to ride one someday. I also like sports and check nba and nfl a lot in my spare time.

Final Fantasy: Zero

This game interests me a lot. It looks like a cool game judging by the trailer I saw on you tube. I like the chara sets a lot too. ;D