Why are you remaking the game when you could just make a new one?

Why first grade to 12th is completely useless, including parts of college ..

1. Education doesn't encourage thinking, it just wants you to repeat and memorize.

The creator of the curriculum you are learning said this, "Memorization is the lowest level of thinking." Soak in that thought for a second. When was the last time you actually have to use your creative thinking skills in class? If you are the typical student, pretty close to never. Nerds aren't really smart, they're just better at memorizing sh*t than you are. This is the reason why nerds rarely know crap about the real world; and if they are truly smart, it's prob because of some lame hobby (warcraft, magic the gathering, etc.) that they were able to gain from to apply to real world experience. For the most part, people who get straight As are generally dumb as f*ck.

2. You don't need 12 years of education to learn all the stuff you need to learn.

If education truly centers itself around real learning and not rote memorization, the amount of stuff you need to learn only requires 2-3 years. Once you truly understand a concept, you don't need to memorize it. This is something many people don't seem to fully grasp. Memorization is comprehension. The fact you need to learn a topic over and over, and then have it regurgitate again in your first 2 years of college, proves beyond a shadow of doubt you're not really learning sh*t. This is the reason why they have to beat it in your mind over and over again: you're not learning sh*t and they need to remind you a few years later, only to have you forget it again once you graduate.

3. Apprenticeship > Education.

Before education, we have a thing call apprenticeship. A child learns from a true professional; the professional teaches him EVERYTHING from writing, math, reading, and, the most important part of education, HOW TO DO THE JOB. The lowest form of apprenticeship only takes 2 years, while the most difficult job takes no more than 6 years (Doctor for example). A kid can start his apprenticeship at the age of 13 and be a doctor at 19. Nowadays a kid has to go through 12 years of education and the best job he'll prob get is Mcdonald's if he doesn't waste his life another 4 years. Sad, but true.

PS: I took this from a guy's post from another forum.
I was just wondering everyone thoughts on the matter.

World's Dawn

So what this game completed or wut?

Locked (open/close) Door with Key - Video

Great vid thanks OP.

Runic Cipher

Finished the demo and it was great! I think this is as good as the olde Final Fantasy games of yore.

Runic Cipher

yeah you too bro.

Runic Cipher

how long is the demo?

Jurassic Heart

Wait it's a human dating a T-rex?



Release Something Weekend

what is "gaming the system"?