Mystery Man Zero

was this game ever finished? this game intrigued me to the point of interest.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Very nice map, what is the pink thing on the wall?
I guy by himself in a closed jail cell without windows, you just don't ask questions about stuff you see in the walls.


Worst title screen ever. To many stuff in the game


Dude those rock formation just look weird there, unless it's a magical attack or something....

Battle Theme Arranged - By Brandon Abley

Why didn't you put it in the game?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

This looks awesome!

Favorite RPGmaker game?

I love me some Alter A.I.L.A genesis and the original too. I also like Final Fallacy an old rm2k game that was on the old Gamingw website.

The Screenshot Topic Returns


I posted this on the other page I am looking for the height ratio of the sprite to everything in that room. You guys think is ok or not?

I don't want feedback about how he is naked or how the room is empty and stuff plz...

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Nice maps I love it Vox. I wish I was that good :lol

What do you guys think of this sprite, too small or just good enough?


And yes, this is a vast improvement over the one from the beta version, but whatcha gonna do
Act the fool?