PM'd you on multimediaxis. )


Thank you! Very good game. One of the best horrors in the german community, in my opinion, along with Taut and Kelven's "Nightmare" series. Perhaps even the best.

Yes, that was my clip, but that was just an intro. Actually, i finished the translation yesterday ) Fixed the bug with black screens by myself, is that ok?

By the way, do you need bug reports? I tried to get in contact with you via multimediaxis, but there was no responce (((


The game is a bit buggy; for example, in the bear-infested memories of Fiona, when you try to return to Fiona's room, or enter mother's room (not the one near the end of the memories, but the on the 2 floor) screen turns black.

Also, i would like to translate the game on russian, don't you mind?
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