"I feed on your feedback" - BasedMG 2013


Mandatory Introduction Thing

To be quite honest I never know how to introduce myself. I used to be called "Zephiur" on the and forums before switching to my new preferred username "Based MG". Didn't really make a name for myself, but I do try to help out and give advice on topics I'm able to. I also provide feedback so I might start reviewing stuff here. Probably not.

I mainly use RPG Maker VX/Ace, since that's what got me into the RPG Maker scene, but for my non-RPG projects I use Stencyl, a freeware* alternative to Game Maker. However, the main project I'm working on has a horrible lack of art resources, and as such I haven't begun actually making the game yet. I have an extremely basic setup of the characters, but that's it for now. Seeing as it's a fan-game, I might try my hand at making an original game in the same style for my own uses before working on the bigger project.

Anyway, good to meet you all. I am not actually a black man.

*I call it freeware because the program itself is free and all of the features come with it, but the only platform you can export to on the free program is Flash. There are paid plans that let you export to PC, Mac, and iOS (and also HTML5 and Android once Stencyl 3.0 comes out) but Flash on its own is alright.
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