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Cool. I resubbed.

New sound effects for game.

Sample packs are generally not that expensive compared to an instrument/library for music production. Libraries are usually in the $100-$200 range for a good virtual instrument or SFX package, but you can tweak them and customize the sound since under the hood of the library there would be a gigabyte of samples that the code uses to glue together into a good sound. Typically they are also not standalone programs and only work in something that accepts vst plugins. However, while $30-$50 may be a reasonable price (depending on how much you're actually getting), what you're looking at seems to be geared towards either music production, or movie soundtrack usage, and not for games.

For non-commercial use, is a good internet search engine for sound effects, but it doesn't guarantee that the sounds are really public to use.

For possibly commercial use, there are a few options available. If the sounds you need are 8-bit-ish, you can download SFXR (free, just search for it) which is a fast customized program to make various 8bit-like sounds, primarily designed for game jams. For something a bit more complicated, like 16-bit era sound effects, you can use a program like Audacity (also free, just search for it), you can download a reference sound (eg: ffvi's door open sound), and then zoom down into the sample level to see how the sound changes over time and then, by hand, draw out a similar waveform on a new track. It won't sound the same, but it'll sound fairly similar, and you can use the effects in Audacity (speed change, pitch change, etc.) to tweak the sound a bit.

Finally, there's always Foley, which is the traditional art of recording sounds for movies. Again, using Audacity (it's a great free program), you can use your mic to record various sounds (crunching lettuce, splashing water, etc.), and you can search online for ideas of how to Foley something (my favorite is working up some phlegm to make monster sounds and then doing pitch/speed changes to them). The main thing to be careful of here is to make sure you're not recording echo, since that's really, really hard to remove from the sample, and preferably use an external mic instead of a laptop mic. Laptop mics usually pick up the fan/hard drive sound of the laptop and it's harder to get rid of. Even with a really crappy mic, you can get good sound effects by using the noise reduction in Audacity (select a section of the sample where the sound is not playing, and it'll use the background noise in that section to remove from the parts with sound). You get a bit of artifacts from the noise reduction, but they're always way quieter than the noise was.

You might also be find sample packs geared towards games in other places. There's a few listed on this site in the resources section I believe.

Is there Something Wrong with me? Am I just not a good dev?

Hey Pianotm, I remember your stuff from summoner of sounds.
I don't post much, if at all on these forums, but I felt like posting this time around on this subject. Firstly, I haven't seen the review you mentioned, but the style of it sounds like it was written for entertainment, not critique. In any of those reviews, the deconstruction necessary to actually do an analysis of the game in questions is not there, because that's not what they're trying to do. Getting information about what to improve out of that type of review is not possible.

Now, I think that's the obvious point, and everyone else has mentioned that. I think the less obvious point here is that you're splitting. You're taking your perfectly reasonable emotional response to a critique like that and dividing the world up into good devs and bad devs. That's not how making games work, you can't divide people up that way, they're much more complex than that. You have certain skills that you can use, and if you can maximize your game to rely on those skills, then you'll make amazing games.

Recently, I was at a small indie-dev meetup, and Amanda Fitch gave a short talk about game marketing. She got a lot of hate online for trying to sell an rpgmaker game (she was one of the first to do so, and do it well), but that mocking stopped once Aveyond started selling. The mockers weren't looking at it from the point of view of someone who wasn't familiar with rpgmaker, which were the people buying the game. Hell, if I was an asshole, I would have mocked and laughed at Minecraft when I first saw it - the pixel art was garbage, and everything seemed amateurish to me. I just didn't get it. Fortunately, I'm not an asshole and I didn't embarrass myself back then.

Summoner of Sounds

What is the status of Chapter X ? Ongoing, completed?
I'm looking for medieval battle tracks to fit a turn based strategy game. And I think Chapter X is a good place to look.

Yeah, it's over. I've sent you a pm though.


There's nothing there. There was some intention of having more screens in that direction, but by the end of the jam the plans were changed.

So yeah, if you got all the switches and goats, then the only thing left is to go through the ending door and get the ending screen (underwhelming as it may be due to time constraints).


I know that i can go to the far left area to activate the green switch, but there are 2 buttons there. The right one unlocks the green switch and the left one unlocks the door in the same area as left room to the south of the starting area (and idk how to reach this door)

When you get into the room with the green switches, the left switch will unlock the door on the screen to the east, and the right switch will lock that door. Once you get past that door, there's nothing else to do with the green switch since all green doors will be open. The other switches to get are the red, yellow and blue switches. The red one you already know how to get, the blue one is out in the open so you just have to find it, and the yellow one requires a bomb jump to get.

In terms of the golden goat you mentioned, you have to grab a *different* and bring it to that screen. Since there can be only one golden goat on any screen, when you drop and get the golden goat you were holding, then the game counts that as you getting the golden goat for that screen.

I'm finding the movement to be really sluggish in this game. Is this how its supposed to be or is there something that need to be fixed?

It shouldn't be. I should be running at about 60fps (the actual drawn fps would be higher, but the update rate is 60fps). If it's sluggish, you can try switching to a different video driver with config.exe, and trying a few different settings with it (eg: 1x vs 2x, fullscreen vs windowed).


The green switch is to the immediate left of the starting area. Go up and to the left to get to it.

As for the goat surrounded by walls, as with other golden goats in the game, you have to figure out a glitch to be able to "get" it without going through the walls.

Hint (if you need it):
For that one, you have to use the fact that you can grab other golden goats.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Goal 6: Done


Got a lot done over these six weeks. Quite nice.


can i change the screen size? the game starts in fullscreen and it seems that the screen is "cropped". i mean.. it's not in the same size as the screenshot and mine looks like zoomed out.

You can run config.exe and go into "configure driver." Then uncheck 2xScale and click "ok." That will reduce the window size. From that menu you can also set the game to do proper fullscreen as well.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Goal 5 done:


That one was tough. I got busy after the weekend, but somehow I managed to just barely make it.

For goal 6, I'll want to create the easter egg scene for Chapter 9 (including the music track), finish writing the dialog for second half of Chapter 9, and make a new battle theme.