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Event Activating When Enemy Jumps On You

Thanks a bunch, Kory_toombs!

Event Activating When Enemy Jumps On You

The title pretty much covers it. I'm trying to get a battle to activate when an enemy jumps on you on the map. I tried playing with event touches and player touches. I tried making an invisible event move with the jumping enemy but that doesn't work. It seems like a pretty simple thing to figure out but nothing's coming to mind. Does anyone have any ideas?

[RMMV] Better Overworld Tileset For RMMV

So I'm having a devil of a time trying to find a better tileset for my overworld since the one in RPG Maker MV is garbage (no offense to those who like it). I'm specifically looking for better autotiles for mountains. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hey Beledal!

Did you know, if you want to, you can go to Manage Games under your account name, click the game, then choose Status * in the box select Complete, to update it.

Then it will appear as complete with that label too, for everyone who searches games on this site, and for everyone viewing this game here to know as well, that's what kenlan meant, but that's also up to you, if you want to do that.

What the...? I thought I did that! lol Well that's annoying. Thanks, guys.


Is this completed? It`s not flagged like that but i wonder how it is with that.
Seems lika a great, fun game.

It's completed. Enjoy and let me know if you have any other questions or issues.


Small update on what I'm doing: I'm currently planning a sequel for this game. I'm doing the rough map designs now and working on the story. If anyone knows of artists who could do facesets for me, please let me know. Also looking for original music for both Elvenpath and this sequel. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey, Beledal, I just started Elvenpath over again and I can't figure out where the blasted monkey went... I found him the first time on the path, then in the tree house (the one with the barrel puzzle), but I can't find him again...
Nevermind, I seem to have skipped it accidentally by talking to Mom... Oh well.

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. The monkey is hiding in a human suit and is amongst the crowd of people. The reward is a healthy amount of gold so nothing essential. Don't sweat it.


Really? I thought I lightened up on the difficulty this time around. lol I believe it does lighten up from then on though. Mt.Pollum is an optional area and you're able to come back to it later. The lava cave and Nezzer Cave are very high level areas too so hopefully you didn't feel like you had to get through those either. Anyway, I'm sorry about what happened. Be sure to keep the feedback comin'. Thank you.


I still have the installer downloaded. I'll re-install it. This actually isn't the first time I've had an issue with the VX Ace engine. I also have Umbral Soul, and Umbral Soul's game.exe keeps randomly disappearing. I don't have that issue with Elvenpath, oddly enough though...

Really? That's weird... good choice with Umbral Soul, btw. Great game.


Hey. I'm having an issue with my save file. I still have it, but the game doesn't recognize it. It let's me select "Continue" but all the save slots are empty. If I take it out of the game folder, "Continue" goes dark, indicating that I don't have a save file. I put the file back in the game folder, and "Continue" lights up, but all the save slots are empty....

All I did was save and close the game so I could unplug my laptop and move it to a different location, as my battery is shot. I was on the mountain looking for another way into Mielikki's clan's home. Saved on the mountain, after the save point that you have access to right after Rouke shows up.

Try removing a save file from the game folder, delete the game, then redownload it. In the meantime I will reupload the game. Best case scenario the game file itself is corrupted. Worst case scenario the save file is corrupted.