I'm Ben_Random. I've been around since 2008 but I didn't really get active here since Super RMN Bros. 2. That, an unfinished game, and a couple of contests sums up what I've done with game making on this site. I find that my main purpose here is writing. I have a few tutorials out there, as well as some reviews on Mario fan games such as RMN Bros. or Mario V.S. the Moon Base.

Now with the internet the way it is these days, you can probably use just this information to stalk me.
Game Rating
Pac Ralph

by Ben_Random

One arcade machine, one default VX character, and one small, evil, Namco favorite.

0 reviews
Super RMN Bros. 2

by GreatRedSpirit

Second RMN community game made using Super Mario Brothers X

1 reviews
What can you do with Squares?

by Ben_Random

The RMN community's best shot at the RMVX RTP Chipset.

0 reviews
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