I'm Ben_Random. I've been around since 2008 but I didn't really get active here since Super RMN Bros. 2. That, an unfinished game, and a couple of contests sums up what I've done with game making on this site. I find that my main purpose here is writing. I have a few tutorials out there, as well as some reviews on Mario fan games such as RMN Bros. or Mario V.S. the Moon Base.

Now with the internet the way it is these days, you can probably use just this information to stalk me.
Title Source Info
The RMVX Database: Part II "A Class on Classes"
An explanation on classes in the RMVX database; the second part in "The RMVX Database" tutorial series.
09/20/2011 10:12 PM
VX for Dummies: Tiles&Tilesets
Basic information on tileset's in RPGVX
02/15/2011 11:55 PM
VX for Dummies: The Event Screen
A quick lesson on the event screen in VX.
02/18/2011 09:36 PM
VX for Dummies: Getting Started
An explanation of all those little buttons in the main window.
02/27/2011 08:19 PM
The RMVX Database: Part I "Making a Hero"
An introduction to the RMVX database, as well as an explanation of creating a playable character in RMVX.
09/18/2011 04:35 PM
The RMVX Database: Part III "The Skill of Making A Skill"
An explanation of skills in the RMVX database; the third part in "The RMVX Database" tutorial series.
10/16/2011 08:26 PM
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