Recent Achievements

"The Cursed text remains undiscovered." Gained for participating in the Commonplace Book event of 2021.
Acquired 11/30/2021 09:27 AM
Autumn, full of gusty breezes and warm afternoons. Turning paths to gold as leaves fall like a riotously coloured shower, leaving the trees bare of their foliage, stark against the sky. Made a game based on Autumn for one of the Seasons of RMN events.
Acquired 06/19/2021 04:41 AM
For all those who kicked the leaves, sipped the cocoa, smelt the flowers and swam the lazy days away, a small gift. You took part in one of the Seasons of RMN events.
Acquired 06/19/2021 04:20 AM
You made a completed game for the Kill the Cutie event, 2020!
Acquired 11/08/2020 09:16 AM
You released a game during the Trials of RPG Maker MZ event! Congratulations and great job!
Acquired 10/12/2020 05:23 AM