Character development with a large cast

The RPG I'm working on has a large cast of characters which was inspired by how Suikoden does it even though the character count if you combine both the protagonist and antagonist side is way less than what Suikoden has(30 playable characters and 21 antagonists and this is not counting minor NPCs and optional boss encounters.)

What I'm doing with mine is choose a few major characters who will get actual development in the story and the rest can be developed through optional sidequests. It also helps the game is split in "Three routes" you have to do before you can progress to the next portion of the game where all the characters team up.

I am also thinking in gameplay terms of how this would work even though this isn't really related to discussion because I want each of the playable characters to play differently and have a different role and it helps that I want my game to be heavily focused on team combinations(even more-so than others).

It's just my thoughts on this all and I like this discussion.

Undertale Fans are Suing Cave Story for Copyright Infringments

At this point I can't tell if these are trolls or there are people this stupid.

19 Year old musician determined to make a name for himself

What kind of music can you make?

[ARTIST FOR FREE] anime/characters/CG

I got the story down. And yeah, I'm independent. I'll probably just wait until there's something shown. My idea is just ambitious in general so even if you did it, I feel like you'd be burned out over all the characters.

I do understand. I'll keep you in mind once I get a ton of work done. I mean the story and characters are pretty much finalized. It's just the programming, music, and art are pretty much being my difficult spots.

[ARTIST FOR FREE] anime/characters/CG

For my project, I'm just trying to get character images of them for now and the ones of the characters I do have were from certain game character customization features and avatar making sites... which while they turned out better than I thought they would, I'd like to have actual art of them. There's a lot of characters but I'd give you one of them at a time if you want to work on them.

So it's just character artwork. My actual project is a prequel of the game I have in mind but the actual game is top priority. If that'll help.

[ARTIST FOR FREE] anime/characters/CG

Not bad work. And since I'm tight on money at the moment, having someone like you willing to work free helps a lot.

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I'm just checking around.

[Musician] Versatile musician available!

There we go. Good to see you clear it up.

[Musician] Versatile musician available!

I know this'll sound silly but paid or free-working? I'm curious since other people mention it while yours doesn't list if it's one or the other.
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