The RPG Maker Score Table
Warning: Major Spoilers for RPG Maker games in the comments section.

A score table of all the RPG Maker Games I've interacted over the years. Some may change depending on the situation.
The Walking Apocalypse -...
When the world is miserable towards you, you lose sight of yourself.


[RMMZ] [RMMV] [RMVX ACE] [RMVX] [RMXP] [RM2K3] [RM2K] Berry Super RPG Maker Turn Based Game Making Challenge

This jam is made for those who aren't just starting out. This jam intends to attract Turn Based RPG battle type of developers itching to make something that's not simply horror oriented. Beginners are strongly discouraged from entering though rewards are mostly just art so there is no money on the line.

If anyone wants to participate, feel free. 6 months of Jam work, with fanart of the game as a prize for participating. Let's see some Turn Based Battles that are fun to play.

Theme: Make a Male Armored and Female Magical Girl RPG Battle Game.

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