I am a 30 year old criminal defense attorney. I'm also in a band called FIGHT BACK MOUNTAIN. So far, games I've made include: Trash Planet, Super Maria RPG, and Hellbound.

I am working on , which I am announcing on January 2nd, 2023.

I like:
90s anime, criminal law, bad 80s movies, weird video games.
Dystopia. Mutants. Friends. Lobsters.



The Featured Game Thread

Eh, if you don’t wanna feature it that’s fine.

Please keep in mind that, while I'm on site staff, I don't decide what game to feature. In this matter, I'm but one voice among many in the community. However, I won't make any promises, but, I may decide to out Trash Planet to see if my opinion of the game holds up to the reviews it does have.

Gotcha. Just throwing my name out there, it’s all good. I didn’t really understand how it works. I’ll try and drive some more traffic to the page and maybe get some more reviews.

The Featured Game Thread

I've no particular issue with featuring Moonsong: First Verse. That said, Exile's Journey only had one less vote for GTOY than Moonsong. Could be an alternative consideration?

*Edit: The aforementioned Trash Planet, well, it's currently a highly rated game with two reviews to it's name. I'll note that both Moonsong and Exile's Joruney are both highly-rated too, and have one review to their names. They also happen to have won Misao awards. Maybe this is just me being crazy/weird, but, I think I would be more okay with Trash Planet if it had more, like, four of five reviews under it's belt, and still manage a four-star rating?

Eh, if you don’t wanna feature it that’s fine.

The Featured Game Thread

If y’all haven’t picked a featured game for February yet, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring! Trash Planet has been out for a hot minute now, but I just posted the update in December (bug fixes, more content, etc). I’ve also got flashy new promo art featured on the game page that might look nice on the front page.

If you have a different game in mind that’s cool, but figured I’d throw my name out there if there hasn’t been one selected yet.

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

I'm not sure if someone said this yet, but if it's possible, making the "Nominate" button more prominent and / or more clear might be a good step towards getting nominations. If people are new to the site, they might not know what "Nominate" means, what it does. Also, the button is kinda hidden and nondescript if you don't know what you're looking for.

I think having a "Nominate for Misao Award!" Button in its place might be kinda neat. That's obviously not gonna fix the whole 'lack of nominations' problem, but along with the community changes other people have recommended, it would probably help.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Worth mentioning, I just posted a major update to Trash Planet. So if you didn’t like certain things about the first game (like the font, which people said sucked eggs), might be worth giving it another shot!

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

I’m glad I helped open the shameless self promotion Pandora’s Box.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Here to bump this:

Also, shameless self plug for Trash Planet. Though I am working on an update for the game which will be out in early to mid December, so I don't know how that factors into the timing for Misaos.

[Review Request]

Name: Trash Planet
Status: Complete
Genre: Adventure RPG
Estimated length: 15-17 Hours for a complete run.
Small description: Planet Earth, 2250. The world has been overrun with pollution and trash. Play as a misfit band of mutants surviving in the wasteland, who accept a strange quest from an Old World scientist. Game features a social bonding aspect, minimal grinding, and a "HP and MP" as a resource mechanism which demands the player scavenge for food to survive (Easy Mode features the standard "heal at save points" mechanism).
Special requests: No special requests

What are you jamming to?

I've been rocking this playlist I made for listening while I was designing my latest game. All the songs have some sort of significance for me, which is cool for those long night sessions. Even though I finished the game, I still find myself coming back to the playlist:

It's on spotify, tho.

Five standout tracks to try:
"The Problem" - Direct Hit!
"Land of Confusion" - Genesis
"My Famed Disappearing Act" - Thank You Scientist
"Pink Cloud 9" - Keep Flying
"The Greys" - Devin Townsend

The Featured Game Thread

If y'all wanna feature Trash Planet and need images of specific sizes, just send me a DM. I have a bunch of promo material lying around for various websites. Thanks for your consideration!
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