Shot in the dark, but: Does anyone know how to crack an encrypted RPG Maker file, so that I can open the game files in RPG Maker? Reason why in the comments...


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I made my most recent game, TRASH PLANET, on a computer that is now bricked. I don't think I can get the files off of it. I backed up the exports of the game, and obviously the game is online now. BUT, I neglected to save an export that wasn't encrypted.

That means, as far as I know, I can't open the project file in RPG Maker anymore. Which kind of sucks because I wanted to make an update for the game eventually. Without getting in there, can't do that.

That's why I'm asking if anyone knows how to crack one of these files. I will give you credit on the file and perhaps pay you for the service. Send a DM if you're interested, or comment a link to a guide to show me how to do it myself.
I swear on my copy of Earthbound that I'm not using this for any nefarious purpose. Just trying to get back into the game file I locked myself out of.
Depends on which version RPG Maker you're using, but there are several free tools available online. You can easily find what you need by just googling "rpg maker decrypter".
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