I am a 30 year old criminal defense attorney. I'm also in a band called FIGHT BACK MOUNTAIN. So far, games I've made include: Trash Planet, Super Maria RPG, and Hellbound.

I am working on , which I am announcing on January 2nd, 2023.

I like:
90s anime, criminal law, bad 80s movies, weird video games.
Dystopia. Mutants. Friends. Lobsters.
Status Info
The grind is real T___T
05/03/2020 06:01 PM
Hiring a professional singer to sing the ending song for Trash Planet. Anyone got any recommendations for "heartwarming video game credits song" that's not the obvious ones (Your Reality, the one from Portal, etc)
04/28/2020 12:30 AM
Should I post a demo of TRASH PLANET before I release it? Or should I just unleash it upon the masses
04/22/2020 03:28 AM
I passed the Bar Exam in MO, looks like not working on my game for 4 months to study was worth it. haha
04/16/2020 02:49 AM
Production on Trash Planet has accelerated big time over the last couple weeks (I WONDER WHY, looool). Wasn't sure when the game would be released but now I'm pretty firmly sure it will be sometime this year. Cheers!
04/10/2020 04:17 PM
Still workin' on Trash Planet. Took a bunch (four?) months off to study for the Bar Exam. But, we're back in this.
03/05/2020 03:10 AM
Going live right now with a TRASH PLANET playthrough of everything I have done so far!
11/08/2019 02:58 AM
I'll be doing a stream of everything I have done of TRASH PLANET at 9 PM Central Time tonight! Check it out at:
11/07/2019 07:18 PM
Yo, does anyone know how to get one of those fancy backgrounds on your game's page? I'm assuming it's some sort of HTML thing.
11/06/2019 07:14 AM
Anyone know any good places to promote the game? Trash Planet is probably going to be done soonish (middle of next year?) and I need to get more eyeballs on the project.
10/29/2019 03:02 PM