I am Biggamefreak and my passion is video games. My favorite genres of games are RPGs, Action-Adventure games and platformers. My dream is to be a game designer.

Right now I am working on an RPG on RPG Maker 2003. It is my first big game making project and I hope this game will be fun for players.
Crystal Catch
A Non-Linear Fantasy Role Playing Game
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Coma State Eden-A Dual Stick Action Shooter
  • Coma State Eden [昏睡状態エデン]
05/27/2021 02:24 AM
Alchemist Naia: A Tutorial and an Ending
  • Alchemist: Naia
06/04/2013 03:55 AM
Spelunky is a Roguelike: More Playable than you Think (Bounty)
  • Spelunky is a Roguelike
06/01/2013 05:44 AM
Bounty-Urgan the White: A Smart Game with One Large Flaw
  • Urgan the White in: THE QUEST FOR COLOR DELUXE
05/27/2013 01:16 AM
Fruity Frenzy!: 1 Super Star out of 5
  • Fruity Frenzy!
05/24/2013 06:55 AM
Florence-Solve Everyone's Problems
  • Florence.
04/09/2013 07:26 AM
Beta: A Small Town with a Lot of Minigames
  • BETA
03/11/2013 07:44 AM
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