Hey, I'm a teenager with a love for gaming. I joined this community to find great games to enjoy. I personally prefer RPGs with a twist in gameplay, and platformers like 'Mega Man.'

One day, I hope to submit a game onto this site, although that will be in the distant future.



Ver 1.4 is coming...

No hit run of hard mode... Hmmm.... I am a crazy psycho... Hmmm....

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

Well Billybo, since you've already played Unlimited and Rock Force, and you are now testing this game, how does it compare? Barring the fact there isn't a lot of custom art and graphics in this one.

I think I'll leave my explanations to my recorded LP when the game is released. Although it holds up incredibly well, I must say.

Putting a call out for new testers!

Ice Man and Elec Man are definitely horrible levels to perfect run for sure, but doable. As for you three, you are definitely on the beta tester list right now. patient, we should have a working build sometime this week to finally beta test. Look forward to it!
Actually the Elec Man level is seriously easy. The only problem is that big eye at the boss gate, and Elec Man himself is my timing screws up. Ice man's a bitch though cause footholders.
EDIT - I finally got my Elec Man footage. Attempt 26, mostly the other attempts failing due to Big Eye and his luck based jumps, but I seriously am glad to have that done. Now I only have the Ice Man left... Then Mega Man 2.... Oh god Quick Man...

Also, I still cannot wait for the build you've got for the game. I've been brushing up on all of my Mega Man skills for this game, since I know just how many death spikes and evil platforming sections there will be.

Putting a call out for new testers!

I've been following this game for a while, and although I don't have much experience Beta Testing in general, I do love Mega Man games. I'd definitely be willing to test it out for any bugs. Plus, it would be great practise for a Mega Man Perfect Runs series on my YT channel. I'm currently still on MM1 (Just Elec and Ice Man left to beat :P)

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

I played Rock Force, that was a good game, wondering how long you've got left of the project?

Easy Mode Demonstrated.

Just saying, I made a profile on this site just to comment on the game's progression. I was only introduced to this specific fangame when the trailer was released late last year, but I've been following development ever since.

An April release would be amazing, but I never want developers to rush their games for fans, so you guys take all of the time you need, so long as you think you've removed all of the bugs, sorted out all of the little kinks in the works.

I look forward to a public release, I plan on LPing this game, it will be an experience... lol
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