Wow! Definitely a great first impression of a game. Nice work.


I love the graphics and colors in your game! Reminds me of a lost GBC game...


Am I late?

Imaginary Friends

Nice arts!
author=Game desc
The Game relies more on psychological horror rather than jump scares and gore.

I'm sold. Will download soon.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

The atmosphere that i feel from that screen is that they cut off their light unexpectedly. I mean, i can see some sort of pub or tavern at the upper right corner, you'd think a place like that would be usually very lit, what with client comforts and all that, but in this case it seems pretty dark. Interesting choice.
Yeah, kinda close to what I want. It's meant to be very gloomy, since it's basically a camp inside a dungeon (it's a safe place, but not happy and very makeshift. The tavern is the only semi-permanent thing there.), but I need to make some candle or lantern props so the lighting makes sense.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Those screenies look great, Erave! I especially love the battle background. Very nicely painted!

Here's a thing:

I usually don't like soft lighting effects with pixel art, but I can't resist the moody atmosphere that it brings.
The tiles are from Dragon Warrior Monsters and the charsprites are edits from Ys 2 (NES), but that's the sort of graphical style I'll be going for.


I am hype.
Will play asap!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

That's really nice, Pizza! It kinds reminds me of the opening to Link's Awakening.

[RMMV] Check if actor is NOT in current party?

Ah, I forgot I posted this. A friend managed to help me, in the end. I did it a different way altogether, so I don't need an answer to this.
Thanks for the replies though! I dunno how to delete a topic, but the problem is solved.