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That's already the plan. Has been for a while, but I've gotta have something really good and complete before I put it up.

The reason this forum does seem so useless is because it and the marketing branch of the site are diametrically opposed in purpose.

Getting 10k hits on Desura speaks of it a bit clearer as a more reliable platform that gets me hit once a month if I'm lucky.

And that's not even the fault of my going on the forums they've always been that shit.

Frankly, and quite honestly. I think my games deserve better treatment than they've gotten. I think my games are what really defines where my heart is at.

I don't mind poor treatment, the treatment they get is 'pretty much nothing', and this has been the case long before I was a public enemy.

Deep down all I seek is the approval of my games, not me.

Ofcourse, I expect disapproval, and that's good, too! Because game making is an ever-growing process for me.

Nothing at all? Well, just because my games get fuck all attention isn't the reason I'm doing this, but it may be a domino that hit another on the way to the eventual effect.

It feels a bit wrong, muscling haters off into ignorance, but, you know what they say, you can't please everyone!

It's time to stop trying to get everyone to like me, and instead cater to those who aren't trying to tell me to be something I'm not.


I'll be going now. I have much to do. And much to think about.

this is the most embarrassing thread
Hey, at least you were smart enough not to take the bait!

I'd be embarrassed, too!


Ah, I don't feel like looking for the post and quoting, but somewhere back in that mess, you said you didn't want your games associated with your current screenname. Well, there's something interesting going on.

I now am interested in checking out your games. I didn't even know you had any. I'm serious about that.

I agree that this forum is far too addictive and far too conducive to wasting time. I came to that realization during my last fight with mawk. It was mawk that helped me realize that I was wasting my time on this forum. That's why I don't post here as much as I used to. I'm spending more time making gam and writing music. I'm also doing events here because they have learning value.
Ugh, I wish I could moderate myself, but it's really tiresome!

But there's something you're missing...that a lot of people on this thread are missing: the power of hype and promotion. For your games, you have generated interest in at least one person: me. That's more interest than there would have been had you not gone on this tirade. I'm thinking maybe you should consider keeping the BizarreMonkey name as an alternate persona and learn how to channel whatever power it is that you've demonstrated here into promoting your games.
I'm too prideful to drop the name. Like, at first I just didn't want my attitude here to be associated with the name, which is why I changed avatar and stuff, but I forgot how quickly people forget things here, too.

Hm... maybe you're onto something. I stopped promoting my games so much because that was generating a lot of ill merit towards me.

And now that I've learned just how much it'll take to actually get myself banned, maybe the trump can be dumped and I'll just come back sometime and do a big promotional thing, whatever that could be.

See, this is what I meant when I said the way to a happy ending was to find me an alternative way to use my powers.
author=Past me
There's ways... certainly, in which I could change for the better, I just need an endgame, and since 'getting feedback on games' hasn't exactly been one that bears fruit, recently it's been the not so highly regarded thing of 'instigating drama to watch others bicker, then claim notoriety when the air is still moist with my taint.'

Many of us are this way, I'm just really aware of it. But the upside of being so aware of my faults is I have an easy time to correct them, with proper motivation, that is!
Most were too busy arguing with me or blinded with rage that i had even more walls for them to read so they could say they hadn't read because they actually think that will get to me. But you were the first, probably because your observing as an unbiased spectator rather than battling as a futile warrior, to get that, whether because you read that and took it in, or because it just clicked.

Now that I'm ignored by those who argue with me and I don't really have to worry about what I do because I've yet again achieved some kind of god mode as a regular member, I could easily be absurd as I wanted.

I'll think on this.

You two are adorkable.


Lol Joseph isn't in cahoots with me, or, well he might be, but like, he's not doing that cause I ask, so it's best I establish now that any cooperation in a raid, if we could even call it that-- is entirely unplanned.

The easiest way to tell us apart is he, the guy who is an innocent bystander having fun while I proceed and plan to mess shit up, has double the MS I do.


Not if I can stop you, villian! Beware! You shall reap the seeds you have sewn yourself, and pay fate with your own blood! Judgement shall come upon you! Come to me, dark warriors; battle awaits us!
Ahahaha, if you keep up like that it's gonna get really hard to tell us apart!


Thank you for explaining it to me! It is appreciated. While I don't really approve of this idea, I hope your plan goes well and you get what you want. Oh- I've been reading through the screenshot thread, and I must say, I really like your games, form what I've seen. Where can I play them, now that they're gone? :'0 Are they on your website?
Only here. You can find me in a much less psychotic nightmare horror manner and my games over on

In my profile there's also links to four different gamedev blogs I... loosely! -- maintain.


I hope you don't think people are reading your big ass posts!
Not true! Seriously, this is better than daytime television! I don't know what's funnier: BM's narcissistic melodrama or everyone else taking the bait. STRAIGHT. THE. FUCK. UP. I am laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes!
It's been a good day! Some fellas are such saps!

This is exactly why I want to get banned, I spend too much time laughing myself giddy at people's hilarious way of responding to things and not enough time doing game dev.

It's only coz kent is a poopybutt this thread has to exist at all.


It's not my goal to do this forever, though.

President Kentona has 3 hours and 55 minutes, after that, the fate of this forum lies in an authority even greater than mine.


I think he is threatening to spam the forum unless he is banned, as though the Ignore button weren't a thing.
Lol jeez, get over yourself! It's a means to an end, whether you see it or not is meaningless.

I'm not doing this shit to annoy you or people I just wanna be locked out of here permanently.
Um, pardon my second intrusion...
Mr. BizarreMonkey, sir, may I ask what exactly you're going to do ahead of time? I'm just curious, and very interested in what "dump or trump" means...
I'm going to listlessly spam a post with an image of donald trumps face in every forum and flood with that until Kentona bans my silly butt.

Or he could save the serve some strain, himself some effort and me a little indignation and just do it now, but he's too busy being concerned parent and can't bring himself to send me to my room.

Dump or Trump infers to the choice Kentona has to make, dump me or face a forum where trump is the only thing you'll see.

4:11 until dawn of trump.
(four hours, eleven mins)

Random Art Topic

That's some neat UT fan art.

Here's a bit i did while in hospital having a tube shoved down my throat.

Also a fun little spoof I did when redefining Pep.


Dude, I don't understand you. The usernames on this forum aren't bots here to respond to you. Treat people with respect, and you'll get the same in return. We're not here because this is our life, we're here because it's our hobby.
We come to RMN as a place to relax, chill, and talk to likeminded people.
Don't abuse this forum, nor the staff. They work hard to keep this place going, and don't deserve the aggrevation of moderating individuals. Probably don't want to ban people either; because frankly, that would feel bad!

I think this topic, and the warnings are a couple opportunities to step away for a few days, and think about it. Humble pie is hard to eat, but people will like you better for it.
I only wanna be banned damn it! D:

It's not my goal to damage the forums, which is why I've contained this in a place where people are more or less prepared for it.

The problem I have is a perversion that regulates i spend a lot of time here posting, when I should be working on games, a perversion further fueled by 'those who are bots at my whim', I'm still here because I have weird issues, and rather than facing them, I'd rather just get banned because all of this is time I could otherwise be devving.

Banning me is giving mercy, fighting me is not the way to get your happy ending.

Anyone want to write a story every day for a year?

Too much writing at once can also lead to burning out really fast. A little variety won't hurt.