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I want to talk with all of you about complex feelings... feelings like having an entire forum at my disposal for my own psychotic amusement. The feelings of having people hate/love me so much they can't even banish me properly.

Y O U ' R E----A L L----S O----W E A K .

Even I know at this point it'd be more than justified in every conceivable manner to ban my ass, hell, I don't even have my games up anymore, but as if they should be enough reason to house a psychopath.

Apparently me being banne isn't enough to actually be banned, but I intend to correct that.

From my youtube channel when someone asked me to ban evade... Protip this is the feelings part of the post!
Bizarre Monkey
The "game" stopped being fun at it's base level, and so now all who play my twisted game over there suffer unless they are me. I think it may be best if I simply never return. I've been distancing myself a lot from forums as of late, and RMN was the a prime impetus behind that, but not the original motivation, just a good reason to go forward with. Forums are something which i tend to use to procrastinate on heavily, since I've become more or less a recluse I've done more work than I had in the past month. Anyone who really digs what I do will find me wherever I choose to hide, and those who don't or even they who dislike me are simply out of sight, out of mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm still around on the internet, and likely will be until my days are gone, but forums... it'll mostly just be substantial progress reports or updates and then gone again. My good friends in the CCC are the only people I really should feel the need to answer to. It's just a shame five forums and at least 50 people felt my wrath before I realized that. I'm not gonna make a goodbye thread, or any crap like that, because that means I still want to be around. My days with the rpgmaker community as a whole are pretty much over. Not it's members so much, but the forums? I'll be around once or twice every few months or maybe longer dependent on progress to unveil a shitstorm of progress then be off again before a word is said. My foolish clamoring for fame has fogged the real interest I had, and that is making games because I just love making games, bigger, better, bolder, bizarrer-than! Recently, all the use a forum has had is to remind me of why I avoided social media and stepped away from society in the first place. I'm also super happy now, I'm doing what I love and enjoying my friends' company. Where once they provided an escape, forums have now just become like another prison, another obligation.

I want to stay away. I was supposed to be banned for 30 days, yet I don't think it's even been 10?

I'll be elsewhere, just not here. My games are gone from the database.

There's no personal problems from where I'm standing, but I dunno some people think I'm a douche, well, that's your problem now, dearies!

But since this is a feels thread I made to discuss how I feel, I must say I feel you guys are only doing yourself a disservice keeping me around.

It's come to a point here in our love hate relationship that I don't hate or love anyone, I just don't care. I'll say stupid things, I will not be sorry. I will continue to use the site as my dump until I no longer can.

You think I'll learn anything from warns or even suspensions?


It's over.

E N D----I T----W H I L E----Y O U----C A N .

I have 0% self-control.

If you keep me around, I'll annoy you, I'll annoy EVERYONE!

So incase it wasn't obvious.

I'm asking you to do the job properly this time.

Ban me, you silly little children.

Don't be fooled, this isn't a goodbye thread.

It's a 'ban me or I'm no joke-- just going to go on as usual and continue to exploit you all for deranged social experiments and personal amusement.'

Gonna jump ship for a bit! No, it's not you!

Mounting projects and schoolwork have pushed you fellas to the 'I can't be fuckin' assed' bracket on some cruel shimmying hierarchy. Heck, from what I've observed you guys could use a break from me anyway. I tend to be a loud personality so imminently there's gonna be clashes when people have a surprising amount of confidence in their entirely wrong opinions.

There's definitely a lot of social barriers I place down when I'm here, I don't feel comfortable letting my guard down here, some of you guys are like fucking vultures.

I like pretty much most of you, even most I've had disputes with in the past, only two really stand out as too idiotic for me to ever respect, you know who you are and this isn't about you, anyway.

Assignments are coming up sharp on the horizon, and I've been getting behind. So it's time to stop doing that. I doubt I'll be gone forever, going by past me, I never am.

So yeah, cheers!

Requesting named change or usertitle of BowelMovement

Corfaisus suggested it and I thought it was creative, so I'm wondering if the mods could do this for me, and so he can be assured I don't dislike him or anything!

Or uh, if you want to do the thing which is give me a user title I'd be cool with that, too.

GG Maker: The next bastard-child of family eb!

I say that in the most positive light imaginable. This actually looks pretty good.

"GG Maker, a brand spanking new program that will help you develop amazing games for either PC or mobile devices! With its "Graphically Assisted Scripting" approach to game making, it can accommodate both newbies and experienced game developers."
I'm not going to buy it until it is on a lean sale, much more lean than still a full priced game, 15% off is pretty good, but I know I can do better, as I am a patient man.

What about you?

Of Note; 3D support. Mobile Devices supported, what else did we ask for?

Oh yeah, easy platforming support.

Eat your heart out Degica, I'm doing your marketing for you.

Bizarre Monkey does not have any involvement in any of this engine's creation, he was just fast to find out about it, and saw this topic had not been made yet, and took to it with gusto, yes!

The Social Excommunication Fortnight of Biz

As the release of Menagerie: Remastered draws ever closer you may find yourselves uneasy about the procedurally gradual but still evident refrain I have shown when posting updates in the only two threads my presence is even slightly known in, rest be assured that this isn't in fact because I am mad about something stupid or naive or have some spoooOOOoooky plans or anything, it is simply because procrastination is my one true weakness which probably isn't news to anybody nor something anybody is even safe from being guilty of because when it comes down to the wire friends are like fried chicken, you want more the more you consume.(Phrase may be horribly wrong I was just reading a KFC slogan don't pay me no mind) It may not surprise some of you that prior to 2011 I was virtually an antisocial piece of white garbage and had been for a long-assed time at that point (several years), it wasn't until I met Mitch that I found out about this ever-wondrous and ever-destructive emotion called friendship.

I never had friends in school, I was basically a man of work and notes, a top tier nerd except without knowing what fun was even. I had plans for fun, plans cut short though, but for the best because I'm in super fun happy land now instead of being a boring person so that's cool.

School can choke on my noxious fart gas and vomit up it's grave for all I care.

Of course, me now being a shining star of hope to illuminate the path of creation for the denizens of the damned and departed... it feels like it has almost become an obligation to make long-winded "SEE YOU GUYS IN TWO WEEKS" posts as if I'm committing some sort of heinous super-scheme when in reality I'm just being a pompous tool and expecting people to show a slight moment of concern for my leave. I of course fully acknowledge that even if that happened this thread would be an anti-worry.

That all said there is the slightly remote possibility I may eventually have someone stupid and desperate enough that they could care enough about my existence to end it, especially due to recent shenanigans I'm not even going to go into but that's so slim any decimal number I make wouldn't make it seem undramatic enough.

Rest assured that on my return a day before Menagerie: Remastered's release there will be hilarious popcorn confetti and corny over-dramatic parties being thrown about something but what I can tell you is that it won't be about me returning because I'm just some guy who can gam mak and has done that pretty well five times already, I'm not a noble prize winner or anything... yet.

But if you really do care each day for Menagerie: Remastered's fate I will be posting updates on my developer blog and probably also funny spiels unlike this one but more alike this other one too, that exert a chuckle from even the most shitfuckeriest of stern hardcocked douches. My spiels of satirical splendor will tear apart the russet folds enclosing that innocent penchant for earnest tomfoolery and erupt titillation from the very hearts of those coldcocked men who wear the business suits and go around with a briefcase sealing the deal on their stamp of being only mildly important enough to have a middle class suit and parking space, and shades to hide when their masculinity falters.

But these brazen douche-headed mongoloids fool not this herald of hilarity, they will first pull down their shades in disbelief and from an otherwise automaton mouth with the emotion of a sealed gasket shall erupt seldom a chuckle of unsure amusement, then further will these briefcase-brandishing hell-lawyers or scholars or whatever the fuck-- continue to further be unloosed from the corporate serious business stranglehold that has engulfed their captive minds.

I will unhinge the serious mouths on these monarchs of manly fortitude to a more hilarious level, in fact their gasket will be so blown their mouths will emit laughter sealed beneath their stone hearts for the last however many years they felt they were supposed to be strict and super serious men of business.

If you sought clarity, no, this is not the sort of humor Menagerie emits, because it is a humor I am very fucking bad at, it would be like Jim Carrey trying NOT to blatantly rip Jerry Lewis the right fuck off. It's virtually unconscionable in that same regard. While not unique to Hussie he has a writing style very similar to this, and it is HARD to maintain, for those who don't know who Hussie is and wants to, google it.

One might assume I do not have this way of talking in real life, well yeah, but who does? If someone talked like a prince of vernacular splendor and humorous quips amongside a broadway shitstorm of hilarious back and forth jabs and poetry I think we'd know of him, but we do not. Such is forever the vex and fascination of the creative writer, to take upon in several styles of speaking and communication without once being yourself.

Did anyone in the time of Shakespeare seriously talk like that? That olde English tripe? I'd hope so, but probably not! English is already fucked as a language why fuck it up even more? All you're gonna do is end up with French. No one who I've talked to (a french-born guy included) has disagreed with my standpoint that French was CREATED to be an elegant and pretentious language, which is why they don't like it when you mess it up, because it offends their pretentious silvery tongue that speaks forth the same milky words that tempt those of the fallen towards the devil's squirming asshole. I purposefully use French in an awful manner just to make frenchies hate me. (They all love me though for some reason?? Maybe because I'm blissfully not giving a shit and just being myself? I don't know! They are an odd though interesting bunch!)

Well, turns out we steered and jeered a little off course, but then I suppose going off course is the point, how can we steer off the point when it is ALREADY HERE!?

The point being, that until the 22nd of this Month I will not be here, nor on Starstucks, nor on HBgames or wherever else in the RPGmaker world doesn't have me banned or isn't SUPER DEAD. i will not be on Skype, Steam, nor at Starbucks or Sushi Train. I will be working full time on the big game that's hopefully going to be all the rage. Of course, I suspect a large portion of you or perhaps even all of you don't give a shit about that and that's fine because that's what I fucking LOVE about RMN.

Take 4chan's /agdg/, give some of them some form of a life and make sure all but three or so of them are using one of the most ridiculed gam mak platforms on the planet and you have RMN.

So yes, I'm making a 14 day period goodbye thread. This trend started over on but then it kept happening and now I just do it basically anywhere because it makes my balls feel big and provides the temporary illusion to me that I'm remotely worth anything! It's also just fun. Writing out a pseudo-melodramatic spiel of sloppy heartfelt not-sorrow because the tragedy has befallen us that... oh no! This apeshit crazy bananan-guzzling idiot in pajamas is going off into voidy unsociable fuck-off land for a devastatingly long fourteen days!? Oh gods no how will we survive without him???

This became a running gag of mine due to my rise to power on, not by any sort of malign intention to do so, I just did more stuff for the site than the staff did and it became the case that an Admin could easily take several days of break despite their backup being a member. (In fact in it's hour of oblivion it was I who was asked 'yo, what's goin' on' rather than any admins at all.) It goes without saying that in rare scenarios some expressed concern when I would leave for short periods of time, thus I started playing on that with threads like this one.

Alright, pretty sure that's everything, finally let's have an over-dramatic and overly-sappy image to seal the corny deal.

Yes, perfect. SO perfect. Just cheesy and sappy enough, perhaps too sappy.

Amen, God molest you and may Satan be with you always.

I am become IS, blatancy of the shitty Org XIII rip-off

So yesterday I compiled basically the Corporation XVI robes and stuff. No idea where the pictures of yourself thread is, so I just went with this instead.

Here's a cloose up.

Went to spotlight to get the chains and the rest was printer/laminator/silver cardboard shenanigans and shit I just had lying around.

Hide/spoilertags are really kind of not good!

In fact I can't get them to work, when i try to put something in hide tags, it seems no matter what I do they just don't open.

Is there a way I must pamper to these finicky pieces of shit or are they just functionally useless basically entirely?

They seem to work on game profiles for me, that's it, though!

Bizarre Monkey's Psychedelic Art-station

Old Stuff. continue for new format.

So I'm sure most of you who have seen my previous works think "oh man, get ready for a barrage of tacky MSpaint garbage", being the un-mannered bunch of cocks with no dining manners you are! But you'll be pleased to know I have made several ambitious leaps forward to improve my skills as an artist. So sit yer smart ass down and get ready to see three years worth of arty evolution.

Back in 2011, when upon I released Intelligence, it suffered graphically because my art really did look like garbage. Thus is born these abominations for the world to wistfully ogle.


I was complacent in this rut for a while, but eventually I caved to the interests of the public and tried a brand new take... thus the thick colored outlines were introduced.


The outlines however, proved troublesome and unkind to the eyes even still, so I removed outlines completely!

And so we arrive at the semi-current era. Bizznasty:

Now this is still a style I use a lot, because it's easy and fast. Good for deadlines.

However, now having myself a decent name and more of a liking for art, I began with new things, trying out more programs than just MSpaint and gimp.
May 2013: Sven Cookiedoe
June 2013: Herald of the Pink Sun
September 2013: Heartfelt Offering
December 2013: Toddler of Terror
January 2014: Galaxion Facial Expressions (Female)
April 2014: Sacrilegious!
May 2014: Illusionary Reflection
June 2014: Redefining the Rapscallion
July 2014: The Sylph
August 2014: Spooky and Fyori in a new style.
September 2014:
Orsa and Mayeena OTP

Greetings you huge nerds, and welcome-- to Biz's Arty thread thing!

I've done much since I last updated here, so now I'm reorganizing it a little.
Basically Thumbnails are gonna be provided for all the big pieces I do. Clicking said thumbnail will then link you to the full sized image.




Gedday fellas, I'm here to stay for now!

I'm known virtually everywhere that matters as Bizarre Monkey, I've created a multitude of games, three of which have won "of the year" awards in the flames of a dying forum, and that's from where I also emerge.

I foolishly assumed shared it's fate with everywhere but two places that are just a bit too populated for my tastes. But this place is still lively, so I'm gonna probably move here, whilst maintaining what little presence I have on (It's not hard to stay there and appear as one who frequents these days.)

So much has happened since my last intro thread here back in 2011, I've done so much since then! It's my hope that you will see the fruits of those efforts in due course. For now though, I'd be honored to to make my return here, even though I never really left, I was an absent mirage at best.

A windowskin I made a while ago.

Quite a time ago I started development on a Neopets fangame, and while I never plan to release it to the public(who would want to play a Neopets fangame?), I thought I could possibly share a windowskin I made for it, I'm not sure if this will earn me any Maker Points, but I still want to contribute it nontheless, I couldn't see a submit graphics button on the site, so I went to this board (the closest I could find to a graphics section)

Well, here you go.

Some screenshots of it in action.
With 255 Opacity

With 200 Opacity

And here's a small script I made in less than 5 minutes to change the opacity without editing windows base, simple but effective.

# Window Opacity, by Bizarre Monkey.
# A simple script I put together from a few lines in window_base.
# Have fun.
class Window_Base < Window
def initialize(x, y, width, height)
self.windowskin = Cache.system("Window")
self.x = x
self.y = y
self.width = width
self.height = height
self.z = 100
self.back_opacity = 200
self.openness = 255
@opening = false
@closing = false
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