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The Homosexual Menace

Strange Love, you never stopped being the best

blowing the dust off

So much stuff has really changed though... Magi got banned (and quit submissions, not that it mattered), Kentona is still cycling through various levels of being a moderator (that's actually the same, during the time I spent actively posting he changed between them three times) and GRS is a mod, and with the green username at that (never got around to figuring out how that effected S.F. Valle, but I'm pretty sure it was important).

blowing the dust off

I used to be here, I guess. I don't exactly remember, but I was talking on Bay12's IRC channel, and found G-Flex there. I realized he was from the RM* community (he didn't repost his games after the switch, so I don't even know what he did). I figured I go here before I tried to find whatever used to be GW, and I'll probably lurk moar and maybe post real reviews (to be fair, text shmup kicked ass). I stopped being here right around the same time WIP left, I think, but I wasn't even really active then.

Bad news... Neok in hospitalHey guys.

I didn't laugh until Neok posted. I laughed a lot though. Write moar of these forum drama things, they are really funny.

A Day in the Life: Let's Play The Sims 3

I will buy this game.Eventually. I should because I like the Sims games, but I haven't been anywhere to get anything lately, and I didn't have the money before. I do have the cash now though, so that's a start! I might pick it up this month.
EDIT: I thought it was fifty. Looked it up, it was thirty. Definitely going to buy it.

So this year eh. What a movie year it was

I've only seen one of these. Toy Story 3 was good, watched it on Pay-per-view about five minutes ago. I try and find stuff from the nineties and eighties mostly, an I don't pay attention to current films that much.

Old School Debate. CTR Vs. MK64, VS. DKR, Vs. SP

Diddy Kong racing. Always.

post your picture

I saw nightblade's first picture, looked at it and then I saw the second one. With the mustache he looks totally different.

What do you want to see on the frontpage?

It doesn't have to be on the frontpage but I really liked the random screenshots.

I would like these back as well. My favorite way to find games.

Remember the fallen

There needs to be a remember the dumbasses thread. AFD, Black_Hat, demondestiny, ect., ect. . Our Christmas gift to shitty trolls (srsly, tr011 harder).