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blowing the dust off

I used to be here, I guess. I don't exactly remember, but I was talking on Bay12's IRC channel, and found G-Flex there. I realized he was from the RM* community (he didn't repost his games after the switch, so I don't even know what he did). I figured I go here before I tried to find whatever used to be GW, and I'll probably lurk moar and maybe post real reviews (to be fair, text shmup kicked ass). I stopped being here right around the same time WIP left, I think, but I wasn't even really active then.

Who else plays Dwarf Fortress here?

I know Max, Shinan, Geodude, and Neok do, but I don't think anyone else does. I play Mixmod, and I'm waiting for everyone else with a mod to make True type graphics for their mods. Anyone else play mods, and which graphics do you use, if any? I used to use graphics, but abandoned that idea after I started playing mods.

This is probably the most in-depth RTS ever

Ever heard of Dwarf Fortress? Well, to late, you're reading a topic about it. You can do almost anything, and most of these things involve severely hurting everything around you. Say you don't like the city next to you. Wall 'em up, put a pump in, and fill it with saltwater.Then you can use it as a water supply. You could do the same thing with magma, or just sic Elephants on them. Point being, the game kicks ass. And, not only is this promoting it so I won't feel like a total nerd, it's supposed to be sort of discussion-ish.
Download link:
Wiki (essential to learning how to play, and has some stuff you want to look at before playing)

Vista and RPgmaker 2k3

I downloaded RPGmaker 2k3 and intended to make a tech demo thing for RSday in spring... but every time I hit new project I get "Project creation could not be completed". Any idea why it's happening/ how I could fix it?

Why was my review rejected?

So, I posted a review for Boxley, and I'm pretty sure it was under three hundred characters and it was denied. Do the mods choose if it's allowed or denied?There should be some kind of new person guide for this stuff...

Anybody know where th RTP is?

So, I'm using 2k to make the beast catcher game I mentioned earlier (Expect an RS day demo~! Next year..) and I can't find the basic research pack for it, and I don't know where to search.Anyone got any ideas or download links?

I have an idea for a battle system..and I'm not sure if C++ needs to be used or not.

So, uh I'm going to try and make a tech demo or even a full blown game (Gasp!) with a battle system idea and I want to know what kind of coding I should go for. I already know I need a couple of booleans attached to somethings and I'm going to have to gut most of the 2k3's battle system, I just need to know how to go about it.
Here is how it'll work:
-Turn based. No gauges.
-Four basic classes that afflict the main element of the game.
-Main element: Beast capture. Yeah, like Pokemon.
-I'm probably not going to use moving battle sprites unless I can get some one for that, and I doubt I will.
-Side view.
-One capture/trainer person, the beasts taking up party slots and an item to change up the party.
-A party storage unit (Obviously)
Any other questions, let me know. I know I left some stuff out, but I can't think of it now.


Does the thread title relate to the topic?No.Was it ripped from another forum's creator blog? Yes. This is my intro thread, post any and all questions or quoted welcomes here.

Why does RMN hate Chrome?

So normally I use Google chrome on the site and everything's fine, but ever since I made my account I've been getting weird errors in Chrome where the site is displayed horizontally and with a default font (Which looks terrible at this size) I have set so I can see check for errors in sites.And I'm using Firefox now, but I hate Firefox, so could anyone tell me why I'm getting the error?
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