Just finished the first part of Sempiternal and found it very enjoyable, can`t wait for the finished game. So far it`s 10/10 from me, well done!

The Child of Fire

I`m sure you are right in that I must have forgotten to trigger something, sry for troubling you!

The Child of Fire

Just tested it. Characters are able to enter the snowy region of Riverside with no issues. You are following the path, right? Or did you walk into the mountains?
(There is a gap in between them, so one could assume that they'd have to enter a cave to get into the area...)

I tried to post a screenshot to show where I am but without success,where I am there is a single path going through the icy area but there are no caverns etc in this area.I left Riverside Port,headed south and crossed small bridge,just ahead is the icy area with a path and mountains on each side.To the left hand side there is a forest with something glowing a green color.

The Child of Fire

The Child of Fire

The Child of Fire

Enjoying your game so far looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it.
However I have hit a snag,the last dialogue mentioned going to the `Snowy Area` ...South of Riverside, but I cannot enter this area!

Heart of Grimm -Ever After-

Downloaded game but give message...`no archives found!

Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia

I am stuck at the two gates in Center Hall with the split up parties, have entered many different variations and so far no success,please tell me the 4 digit gate code.
Many thanks.


Just found this game and like it a lot,am puzzled about what to do in the Blue Seal Gate,doesn`t seem to be anything to interact with in there!!

Clean up !

The site needs a good clean out, there are so many defunct games and many that have no download links anymore due to old age,also lots of others still on hiatus for years!
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