Twilight Tower
Rikaria plays Twilight Tower for the first time and learns the game with the help of Luna until...




Well if we are picking colors here then I shall go with: (0, 0, 0) or better known as: #000000


I appreciate Kylaila for being a magical dragon and for being one of the most kindest dragons in possibly all the world.


Originally, it was like the Magic the Gathering deck archetypes were you have Aggro decks, control decks and combo decks. I decided to use that idea for magic type because it seemed fun and was better then have just skills.

As for do they need to be...probably not but I kind of have already done it so no point in going back and changing everything. Honestly, looking at it now, maybe it was not the best idea to do it that way.

I'm new here and I have some questions

I am a bit lazy at the moment to do my own mapping to show you so here are images thanks to google:

This first map looks a bit plain. If all your areas and inside houses lack objects like trees and flowers and all that stuff that makes it pretty it okay look pretty boring.

As you can see taking some extra time to put some makeup on your map can make it look awesome.

Kloey is right mapping can be hard to get good at but over time you learn. As for the strong language, I see nothing wrong with it, however, it may be best to ask yourself is it needed? Do you have to use them? Maybe, maybe not. I think it is fine so long as every sentence isn't nothing but:

"The god damn empire with their shitty fucking weapons destroyed every bitch and bastard in the whole motherfucking world!"

Cuss word after cuss. One or two may not be bad. It just depends. I cuss a lot and even I hate it when games have a cuss word every five seconds. Unless it is apart of who a character is then no real reason for it.

[RM2K3] Whassup

Welcome to RMN where you sell your soul for cookie. A fair trade if I say so myself.



Share your creativity with us!

*Runs away*

[CAZ] Caz Appreciation Topic

maybe I'd finally buy a kazoo if Cazoos became a thing
Kazoos are inferior to recorders and slide flutes, and I'd only have one if someone gave it to me, but I might buy a Cazoo just to be able to say I had one.
'I blow Caz for hours on end while Cleetus sings about Blue Moon Rising.'

I appreciate how young, full-blooded, and healthy Caz is. *Vampires Cazzy.*

I sitting there drinking a coca-cola and then...I almost choked. That was just way to funny. So funny I almost died laughing. I regret nothing!

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

If I recall right, Condemned: Criminal Origins was good at making players think as you usually did not have much ammo in your gun.

Ultimately, I don't know why topics about horror games are so popular on RMN, because they're neither RPGs nor doable in RPG Maker. If you're making a horror game, the absolute last possible thing you want to do is have an impersonal, zoomed-out, overhead, static camera view. It removes the player from the action and prevents them from being immersed in the world far, far more effectively than any quicktime event. I'm not saying it's impossible to make a horror game in RPG Maker, I'm just saying it's a completely terrible idea because it's the worst engine you could possibly use. It's only got downsides and no upsides.

Yeah, I have never really understood it either.

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

It's a bit odd that there are people posting in this thread about what you LIKE about RM Horror just to say they don't like it, like... okay? I don't think that's what the OP was asking about but okay that I think about why did I even comment oh here to begin with? >.<

[CAZ] Caz Appreciation Topic

what the fuck is a caz??
I heard it's edible; best served deep fried and smothered in chocolate.

Thanks Karin...

[RMVX ACE] Best Normal Attack Formula

1 is the best. no variance or critical. always just do 1 damage. at least it's a move you can count on to always work. actually genius. It would make balancing the game easier. Why didn't I think of that? >.<