Twilight Tower
Rikaria plays Twilight Tower for the first time and learns the game with the help of Luna until...



While working on my game I had an idea. What if all the NPCs were names of RMN members? I know I have a few items that are loot items of RMN members that sell for half their Makerscore. So, I figure why not let everyone on RMN have a chance to be in the game. It is fun and saves me a lot of time trying to come up with NPC names of online characters. Win-win.

So, here is the deal, comment below if you want to be in the game as an NPC. If you want to take it a step further You are free to create your own sprite for your NPC along with custom dialogue if you wish. (Note that I use the standard VX Ace sprite graphics so anything that is bigger or smaller than them may look off.)

If you want you can even create your own special loot item. Keep in mind you will have to come up with a name and description for it yourself.

Dashing Through the Dungeon

Dashing, that thing that makes your character go fast. I have seen used in many games and completely abandoned in a few. I do not know how everyone feels about it but am I the only one that believes dashing in a dungeon just seems a bit cheap? I don't maybe it is just my brain being weird and thinking that dungeons should not be able to be rushed through.

So, here is my question:

How do you feel about dashing in dungeons?

Winter Nightmare

Do you like metal music? Do you like cute anime girls? Do you like to watch a group of anime girl's play instruments shredding metal? Well, I cannot animate so you will not get to see that last one...or second one, sadly. However, I created Winter Nightmare simply for the fact that when creating songs I need a reason. The reason came as Winter Nightmare, an all-female metal band that was based in the U.K. The band was at first nothing but a tool for me to simply create songs and albums but then I wondered about who they were and thus the story of Winter Nightmare began.

Winter Nightmare is made up of five main members.
Mikarie Higikyuaru - Lead Guitar
Kitty - Rhythm Guitar
Raven - Bass
Leviathan - Drums
Angel - Vocals/Piano

More info can be found here:

It should be noted that any songs that say "cover" were not made by me along with the songs from the Animeland album minus one song that I created as an original. I will put all the cover songs in this thread with the name of the creator who created it in Guitar Pro if I cannot find the creator then I will simply put unknown. This music is not to be sold as it is all free (not that anyone could really sell it anyway, it is just slightly better than midi.) Winter Nightmare believes all music should be free, of course, they have billions of dollars thanks to Kitty. I should also note that the album art was not made by me either, I merely got the images off of google and used GIMP to add text. I really wish I could remember where I got them and who did them. I will try my best to find who did what and update this thread as I can.

If you wish to skip ahead to downloading the albums you may go to this link instead:

I know some people may be scared to go to that link as viruses and all that...believe me, I know, and I completely understand. I will not blame you for not clicking on it at all.

I believe that is everything if you have any questions about the band feel free to ask as I do not mind answering questions. If you like them let me know. If you hate them and wish I would drop dead well that is fine too.

(Well, clearly that was sarcasm)

I hope to actually start writing a light novel about the band soon. Just need to stop getting distracted.

GP5 Tabbers:
Before I Forget - Xanatos
Through the Fire and Flames - Holy_Thunder
End of Flesh - Unknown
Love - Unknown
Compass - Unknown
Arterial Black - Luzifer
Ambiguous - Unknown

[RMVX ACE] Messages not showing after running common event

So, the game works fine until I decided to create a common event to generate random enemies.

Before the common event it's fine.

I go into battle with the fog enemy. That runs a common event.

That's when things start to mess up. All the message windows don't pop up.

Anyone know what's wrong, and how to fix it?

What's your favorite Game Maker?

There are many game makers out there, some are great, some not so great. So, what's your favorite Game Maker, and why?

My favorite is VX Ace just because of all of them that I tried it's the easiest to understand, creating events isn't to big a hassle, and it has some nice features. I really did like the tileset in XP the dirt road actually looked a lot better then in Ace, but other then that...Ace is more likely my main go to.

How do you go about creating a game?

I know many who plan their rpg down to the last detail, others simply say "screw that" and just start making what comes to mind. How do you plan your game?

When I go to create a game it really depends. If I'm making a decent one I try to plan out as much as I can from the story to the heroes, and major NPCs. When I started with Almora: Online, I started with a simple outline in Wordpad. I didn't have a story I just knew the island of Almora was created by four goddess. I really liked those named but couldn't figure out what or how this online world would come to be, so I moved on to what I wanted the world map to look like, and drew up a map in AutoREALM. I put down what gameplay features I wanted and weapon/armour types. Then came the most boring, and laboring part...every crafting item in the game. I later put down all the classes, and terms used.

Late one night when I was dead tired I had an idea for the background story for the four goddess and wrote it. After that I began to work on the project in VX ace. I planed a good bit out but not every single thing like switches; variables, and all.

[RMVX ACE] Control Variables & Parallel Processing

So, I've tried this a few times, and it doesn't seem to work.
I've set up a variable that keeps track of how many plants you extract. I had the idea to have a milestone where when you extract 500 plants you get 1,000 XP.
I put the variable called "Plants Extracted" in a Parallel Processing event set up as so:

@>Conditional Branch: Variable 004: Plants Extracted == 500
@>Change EXP: 001, + 1000
:Branch End

I thought the event would keep running until the variable reaches 500, but when I tested it I never got the 1000 XP. If there is some way to fix this that would be nice, but if not I guess I just make it so you get 5 or 10 XP for every plant you extract.

Edit: Didn't know brackets deleted what's inside them. The 001 is where the main character's name would go. Since I made so you name your character.

Hello World! I'm Black Wolf, nice to meet ya'.

It seems my last three post didn't go through, so I'm Black Wolf.
I am working on an RPG right now called Almora: Online, a game that simulates an MMORPG.
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