Heyo, I'm BladeThePieEater, or "Blade" if you want to save a second.

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The Plan™
- Return to the Tower of KYLE (Post-game content update for The Cursed Sword of KYLE)
- The Cold Trail
- The Dumbgeon - A Co-op RPG
The Cold Trail
A journey into the cold, cruel tundra.



The Tower of KYLE Review

Hey, thanks for the review. Sorry you didn't really enjoy it, though.

The Tower of KYLE Review

Hey, thanks for taking the time to make a review for my game. Glad to see you enjoyed it.

Middle School RPG V1.4 Review

I didn't make this game. I merely reviewed this game. So shouldn't your question be why did I play this game and decide to review it?
MY question is how you could make such a terrible game! Now that everyone talks negatively about it you try to pretend you hadn't made it at all. Nice try. Right at the Developer section of the game page it says "thesacredlobo". Just own up to it, dude. Stop lying to the public.
Except it doesn't?


Middle School RPG V1.4 Review

"And for you, @lobo(you mean Blade)... Answer this question: Why? Why did you make this game? What's the game's intention? Once you can answer it, rebuild it around it"
-Joseph Seraph

Yep... I made this because I needed a distraction from the other game I was making, Pie Quest, which is better than this one. I actually never really wanted to put this game on the website but, I will still improve it. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your time.
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