I am a disabled RPG Freak that loves computers. I am working with RPG Maker XP to try to learn how to make games of my own.



Seraphim Spire

yay first to sub. love the looks and sounds of the game, can't wait to try it out. downloading now.


downloaded it and gonna play it later tonight. Yay


thank you for keeping us updated.

It is ending. Finally.

can't wait for the final version. love this one. thankz for letting us be part of this process.

More ways to download game? I hope.

When the final version of the game is updated I'll continue to have the drop-box option. Seems to be the most hassle free way for many people.

yes dropbox is a great thing in my opinion. I use it for a lot of thingz.

Chrysalium Core

I keep getting an error when I go to the site and try to download the file. it gets about halfway there and then stops downloading.

Phantom Legacy (Redux)

subbed and waiting for the download to be posted

Alcarys Complex giveaway - Images Feedback challenge

gonna sit this one out cause I already bought the game and also I am not truly great at doing image shots and so forth.

VX Ace Giveaway #5 - Like the RMN Music Pack on Facebook!

I liked the Music page a long time ago. Would be nice to win something. but if not that is Ok too.

RMN Steam group / VX Ace Giveaway #4

friended you awhile ago and just joined the steam group.

am also bladezuez on steam.